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Actually I'm a Gene Vincent fan. Some years ago I compiled the Gene Vincent songbooks "Blue Jean Bop" and "Shakin' up a storm" that contained the lyrics of all of Gene's songs. Ever since then I kept getting letters and phonecalls from people all over the world asking if there is any such book about Eddie Cochran. Apparently there wasn't, so I started doin' some research for making one myself.

I didn't know what I was getting into at that time. I did have some of Eddie's records, mostly compilation albums, but there was more, lots more as I know now. Because I wanted the book to be as complete as possible I started to make some phonecalls and write letters to people I thought that could help me with my research. And with succes. I never knew Eddie had done so much in his too short life and all of it being absolutely great! If I wasn't a true fan before, I sure am now. I get shivers down my spine everytime I listen to either the cool raving rhythm of "Twenty flight rock" as well as from Eddie's deep dark voice on "Dark lonely street". Also hearing a seventeen year young Eddie playing a real mean rockabilly guitar on Skeets McDonald's "You oughta see grandma rock" and "Heartbreakin' mama" really got to me.

Since there are several issues of many of these songs, it is possible that the words of the version you are playing are slightly different. Only one version of each song is included in this book. While doing research I found lots of info about songs that were never even released or songs that were issued once, but the master (or demo) tapes got lost and haven't been found since. So there is much more Eddie Cochran material than there is in this book, trying to be complete is absolutely impossible at this time, but I sure tried. There are even a few songs included that I'm not sure of if Eddie was on it, but I have included them anyway just to make sure.

I would like to thank everybody who contributed a lot of effort to this book. Thanks a lot Eddie and Hennie (Holland), Roger and Derek (U.K.), John and Sjaak (Holland) and everyone else that helped with research and taping. Additional thanks to Eddie and Hennie (again) for their enormous effort of correcting all these texts, you did a great job!

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