Clay Glover ScrapBook Vol. 1 -- Jan. 1, 2000
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Contents of the Clay Glover ScrapBook Pages:

Clayton Glover, 1999

Clay Glover, a fucking old rockabilly (in Clay's own words!)

Ordering Information

Due to the nature of this first limited edition, Clay Glover ScrapBook Vol. 1, a very heavy demand is expected. Record Collectors are advised to order one or maybe two. The CDs 8-page booklet is worth the price, loaded with rare photos, each CD is signed and numbered. If you get a cartoon printed on the inside of the tray card, (there are 11 of them), send back to me a copy of the cartoon with the number of the CD and I will send you a free Clay Glover Scrap Book - Book when it is released in the year 2001. 

Good Luck and let's Rock 'n' Roll.
Send $15.00 plus $2.00 postage. Make Money Order or Check payable to Clay Glover. All pictures and stories on these pages are Copyrighted.

--Used with permission--

Clay Glover ScrapBook
P.O. Box 301
HANOVER, MI 49241-0301

Also see large photos in the great Rockin' Fifties Magazine, Volumes 35, 38, 39, 52 and the new Vol. 73! To purchase these Vols., contact Rockin' Fifties Magazine, Bernd Kratochwill. E-mail him at: - Watch for Rockin'Fifties on the Internet in the future.

01 - Striving Kind - Tooter Boatman
02 - How Many Times - Tooter Boatman
03 - Give Her Anything - Ila & Clay Glover
04 - Michigan Lottery - Ila & Clay Glover
05 - My Mind Playing Tricks - Tooter Boatman
06 - You Are So Bad - Tooter Boatman
07 - My Mind Playing Tricks - Sonny Rister
08 - You Are So Bad - Sonny Rister
09 - Little Man, Big Ideas - Barb Rister
10 - Love Drums (1965) - Clay Glover
11 - Buda Buda - Chris Herrera
12 - Love Reasons - Chris Herrera
13 - Crazy Gringo - Dean Beard's Big Band
14 - Night Train - Dean Beard's Big Band
15 - Crazy Gringo - REMIX Y2K
16 - Night Train - REMIX Y2K

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