Clay Glover ScrapBook Vol. 1 -- Charlie & Sonny
Charlie O'BannonSonny Rister & Tooter Boatman

Charlie O'Bannon

Charlie and Linda own a real fine food store in Cool, Texas Called the U2 BAR-B-Q. Charlie and Linda play the piano and drums in their own Private Club - "Waterin' Hole - there in Cool, Texas, too.  So, if your traveling West between Weatherford towards Mineral Wells and you smell the greatest Bar-B-Q and hear the best piano music in Texas, you are in Cool, Texas. You've found them!

Sonny Rister

Sonny Rister and The Rainbows featured Tooter Boatman singing and playing drums. Tiny Lofton played guitar. Tiny played bass with Dean Beard while Clay Glover worked for him. Sonny sings on track 7 and 8. He plays guitar behind his sister Barbara while singing "Little Man - Big Ideals" on track 9 (Written by Clay Glover).

Picture, left to right:
Jerry Bob, Charlie O'Bannon, Tooter Boatman, Mark Dumas

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