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Spring 2006 newclip: KPI, a New York City-based television and new media production company, has completed location shooting across the U.S. and Europe for "Every Night Is Saturday Night", a high definition documentary film that tells the unsung story of rock 'n' roll pioneer Wanda Jackson. The film is being produced in association with Los Angeles-based producer Joanne Fish. The team has followed the tireless 68 year old Jackson and her husband/manager Wendell Goodman as they travel from honky tonks to Lincoln center as well as Sweden and Finland. Production began in June 2005 when the filmmakers documented the recording of Jackson's new release Wanda Jackson Remembers Elvis. The project is in post-production. It will be released in 3rd quarter 2006. Watch the trailer on-line

Everybody has surely heard of Wanda Jackson, but nowadays many people seem to know her as a country singer. Wanda was more than just another country singer, she had charisma and a more than superb voice. Us rockabilly freaks would really like to see her remembered for the beautiful raw-voiced rockabilly tracks she recorded in the late 50's and early 60's. Each and every one of her Capitol hits was a goody for any rockabilly fan. Capitol has a name of issueing only "a finished product". No obscure garage or basement recordings, but very fine tuned and mastered. Any Capitol recording from the 50's and 60's sounded perfect. Just listen to the masterpieces of Gene Vincent, Tommy Sands, Skeets McDonald and, of course, Wanda Jackson.

From the beginning, the rockabilly movement seemed like an exclusive male club. The music was developed by men, sung by men, made by men. There were female rockabillies from the start, but overall they made up a tiny percentage of the performing and recording artists. Perhaps this was a reflection of the music itself - tough, rough-edged, wild. Only a minority of women singers would be enclined to enjoy such music as performers. Wanda was one of 'em!

  Wanda's New Album "I Remember Elvis", read the review!

Wanda Jackson, born October 20, 1937 in Oklahoma City, started her singing career at the age of thirteen with nothing but a lot of ambition and a brand new guitar, which was a birthday present from her parents. In Wanda’s home town, Oklahoma City, radio station KLPR had a local talent show for amateurs. Their studios were located just two blocks from Capitol Hill Jr. High School where she attended. Eventually Wanda became a winner on the show, the beginning of an exciting and highly successful career. Wanda had learned to play the basic chords on the guitar, guided by her father, an accomplished musician. Having a natural talent for singing and music in general Wanda soon was able to accompany her singing on guitar. In one year’s time, and then only 14 years old, Wanda Jackson had her own sponsored, daily radio show from Oklahoma City. In Wanda’s junior year at high school she signed her first recording contract with Decca and had a couple of big sellers. After graduation from high school, and possibly before her graduation announcements even went out, Capitol Records signed Wanda Jackson to a long term contract, and many of Wanda’s recordings on Capitol have been among the top sellers in several different fields ever since... rock and roll, rockabilly, country and western and even pop music. Her magnificent style is so versatile she has captured thousands of fans whose musical tastes are greatly varied. Wanda has received many awards for her big selling records like "Let’s Have A Party", "Right Or Wrong", "Fujiyama Mama" and "Mean Mean Man".

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