Your favourite DJ, Willie 'The Kid' Storm

Hi rockin' guys an' gals, welcome to the Willie 'The Kid' Storm corner. Let me first introduce myself, my real name Francisco J. de Hoyos, I was born in Valladolid (Spain) in 1965. My mother always said that I already had a little quiff when I came into this world. When I heard my first rockin' tune I was about 12 years old. It was Bill Haley's "Rock Around The Clock". At that moment I realized that my steps would go further into rock 'n' roll music. At the age of 16 I saw a teddy boy walking in my hometown, that impressed me quite a lot up to the point that I was actually totally flashed and I started to dig on it.

At the age 17 we had our first rockin' gang. We were a group of friends who met each other in the weekends just to hear rock 'n' roll music and to have a drink and a bite. It was in those days that I started to wear teddy boy clothes and I listened to the revival bands of that time. It was the early 80's. I started playing music occasionally in rock 'n' roll cafes as an amateur DJ. In 1986 I met Luis Pascual, a 42 years old DJ from the 60's with quite a reputation. He taught me a few techniques on the mixboard, and I learned a lot of his tricks. We did a few sessions together which became quite famous in Valladolid for the wild wax we played.

That same year I moved to England. There I met some well known DJ's of that time like Fifties Flash, Tom Ingram (who now organizes the "Viva Las Vegas" festival in America), Wild Cat Pete and some others. I returned to Spain a couple of months later where I became the resident DJ in a rock 'n' roll café called "La Rockeria", based in my hometown where I was spinning the wax up till 8 years ago. I was also invited to spin records at several all-dayers and festivals around Spain, having the great honor to share the stage with legenday artists such as Robert Gordon,Mac Curtis, Sleepy La Beef, Crazy Cavan and some others.

With the beginning of the new millennium I moved to Holland where I still reside today. Here I met some very nice people that supported me all the way. My recent perfomances in Holland include, The Vlissingen Teddy Boy Weekender(where I was resident Dj since 4 years), the All American Day in Weert (with more than 25.000 visitors) plus a lot of other all dayers and festivals around the country. I have been also the DJ at the Rumburk Rumble in the Czech Republic for two years.More recently I span at the world famous spanish Screamin'Festival in Calella (with very good critics from the organizers) , Rock This Town Weekender in Vigo,also in Spain,Summer Jamboree in Germany,Rhythm Riot and The Ted Do in the UK,just to name a few.

I've done and currently still do compere spots at many big festivals along over Europe. Normally carry a lot of records in my suitcases that cover basically all styles giving to the audience the best selected rockin'tunes. I'm a record collector too.

It doesn't matter what you are a Rocker, a Ted, a Hep Cat or just a nostalgic... we got something in common: OUR MUSIC and I bring it up to you. That's simple.

The BlackCat & Willie The Kid at the Rumburk Rumble (CZ)

Let me finish by saying that rock 'n' roll is being kept alive by the people that go to the concerts, the bands, the organizers, and also the DJ's have a part in it. It's YOU who make it all possible, so keep on coming and let's all keep rock 'n' roll music alive. And last but not least, thanks to the BlackCat for his support.

Your favourite DJ, Willie "The Kid" Storm 

Review by Steve Grinster from Boppin' the Blues, London 2015:

Willie Storm is no stranger to 50's Rock 'n' Roll. As well as being a lifetime fan of the music, he is a genuine, passionate DJ that takes real pleasure in spinning his treasured collection of 45's. He loves nothing more than spinning his favourite records for the dance floor crowd or listeners. Willie will spin the music he loves and, with no exception, Teds, Rockers & the Rockin crowd alike will all hear music they love when he plays. It's this passion that has led him as a DJ to play top clubs & major Rockin festivals around the world.

If he's not behind the decks, Willie also has time for everyone & will always enjoy a beer, chat & a laugh with the crowd. He has also, through his passion for the music, become a top compère and is well known for his involvement at the highly respected Spanish Screamin' festival.

The Marc Fenech Review, 2006:

Willie Storm is a resident DJ at the Dutch Teddy Boy R'n'R Weekends since the last 3 years and is the 'head DJ', overseeing and organising others. Of course he spins a set of wax attuned to that festival while there, concentrating on straight rock'n'roll and 'Revival' sounds of past and present, but when deejaying elsewhere he plays a range of straight rock'n'roll and rockabilly sounds from the '50s up to now.

I have no hesitation whatsoever on asking or recommending Willie Storm as a suitable addition to an event in any kind of rockin' genre, as this cat let's rip with it all, rock'n'roll, rockabilly, doo wop and jiving rhythm'n'blues.

Another asset that should not be understimated is that Willie is easy to get along with. He has also shown himself to be able to "get it on" without needing be told too much what is necessary. This is a main reason why he oversees matters when engaged at our events, because he works out what's needed, organises a plan and DELIVERS on that.

He's been around the scene for many years, having lived in his native Spain, then in the UK and nowadays in Holland, has alot of experience and exposure and with an increase of booking engagements coming up in Holland and Spain in the near future, interested 'parties for "parties"' would be wise to latch onto this cat ASAP, either to build up the background atmosphere for their event or to effect a "storm" more strongly with an "in yer face" record hop in between any bands to keep the cats on the dancefloor.

By Marc Fenech (Southern & Rocking Music Magazine, Empire Records)

I've known and worked with Willie for around five years now in Holland and the Czech Republic, and what a wow of a DJ he is. He is one of the most professional DJs / comperes on the circuit today. His music covers all aspects of the rockin' scene, from traditional R-n-R to Rockabilly and Doo Wop. If you want a really great rockin, night, all dayer or full weekend, he's your man. Not only a first class DJ and compere but an ace organiser. If you see him ask him about mounaineering up a stack of speakers in Rumburg in the middle of a hurricane and screaming for his beer. He really is a great guy and his wife Angelique is a sweetheart too. Best of luck Willie and keep on rockin'. -- Mike 'Rave On' Russell, 2007 --

The Carlos Díaz Review, 2012:

I met Willie at one of our Screamin' Weekenders, in Calella, BCN, Spain, long time ago and I soon knew that we would become very good friends besides learning how good could he be at entertaining the rockin' people! He has worked with me ever since and I hope to have him on my side while the festival lasts as it wouldn't be possible without real entertainers and Willie is one of them.

As a DJ he knows exactly what the crowd needs in the different stages of the night and in his record case he always has something for everyone; rock'n'roll, rockabilly, doo wop and rhythm and blues.

As a compere I can't think of anyone better than him as he (as on the decks) rarely leaves anything to improvisation; on stage, before introducing an artist he has taken his time to know as much as possible about him; backstage he's the perfect public relations always smiling and being kind to anyone working at the festival; from the bands, to the other Djs to the sound people.

A great DJ, a great compere and more than a friend, I can't wask for more. If you need a real professional you need Willie "The Kid" Storm.

Carlos Díaz
Screamin' Festival & El Toro Records
Barcelona, Spain

El Toro Records
Box 220
Pineda 08397 Barcelona, Spain
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