Whirlwind, Revival Re-Issued

While surfin' the net, looking for old and new stuff to satisfy my never ending need for rock 'n' roll I came across a real goody for ya all. At Amazon I found a CD by one of my favorite bands of the 70's, Whirlwind. The CD is named "In The Studio" and has been given 5 stars by Amazon. I must agree with them, because the CD contains all tracks from the first two vinyl releases on Chiswick, "Blowing Up A Storm" and "Midnight Blue" + some bonus tracks. I didn't order the CD because I have both the original LP's in my collection, but I thought that maybe a lot of you boppers might never have heard of this great revival band, because these fantastic albums are over 20 years old by now. So, if you're a fan of 70's and 80's revival rockabilly like Flying Saucers, Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers, Johnny & The Roccos or Teencats, I suggest you rush off to your nearest dealer or just surf to Amazon and go get this beauty! You won't be disappointed. (No I do not have any commercial interest in Amazon at all!) Given the opportunity to write some comments at Amazon, a fan wrote "Midnight Blue is the best rock 'n' roll song of this century". That might be just a little bit exaggerated, but it gives you an idea what others think of Whirlwind...

The BlackCat, May 1999

Whirlwind Line-Up:
Nigel Dixon, Lead Vocals
Michael (Mick) Lewis, Lead Guitar
Chris Emo, Bass
Phil Hardy, Drums

Liner notes of "Blowing Up A Storm" (Chiswick, 1977)
The Arizona desert in mid-summer, the smoke room, Casey's Bar, Long Island, the kitchen of Greasy Lil's at two in the morning: All hot but none so hot as the latest teenabilly band to emerge from the sock hops and end of term dance circuit. When your needle hits the first groove of the first LP by Whirlwind you'd better get straight on down to your dealer's and stock up with some spares 'cos buddy you're gonna need 'em.

This is the big one! Whirlwind has blown in! Still wet behind the ears in the big wide world but well versed in the noble art of Rockabilly these four young guys are set to send teenage hearts fluttering throughout the land. Lead vocalist Nigel Dixon should know as with his sharp looks and throbbing vocal chords he cuts a dash with the chicks on live dates. Brought up on a diet of Elvis, Jack Palance and The Lone Ranger, Nigel likes to relax with a tub of Southern Fried chicken whilst watching a Roy Rogers movie. But when he gets down to business just listen how he handles songs like Rockin' Daddy or One More Chance. And of course for tender moods Nigel comes on strong with the big ballads. Girls will flip over A Thousand Stars.

Behind that powerful lead voice lies a menacing guitar. Soaring away whenever Nigel yells for him to 'hit it', Michael 'Redhead' Lewis proves himself to be quite a guitarist. Dividing his time up between laying down those hot Whirlwind licks, straddling his powerful motorbike and simply cruisin' downtown to take in all the chicks, Michael likes to take time out to catch up on some good reading. He is currently deep into a documented study of the Mayas as well as never missing an episode of The Perishers.

Whirlwind's famous backbeat evolves from two guys who know their trade like fixing the mufflers on their pick-up truck. It all comes real easy for Chris Emo and Phil 'Foghorn' Hardy when they're carving out a solid foundation on the bass guitar and drums for Whirlwind fans to bop to. Jeez! I'm talking about the real McCoy with these two dudes. I mean in their final year they so impressed the folks at school when Whirlwind cut loose at the graduation ball that they were immediately forgiven for all that time they had snook off for band rehearsals when they should really have had their heads deeply in their study-books. Chris's ambitions are simple: He just wants to earn money and spend money and take in a few lady friends on the way. While Phil is made of sterner stuff. Decked out in a pair of black strides and with a packet of smokes and a stiff drink in his palm, the world is his. North, South, East, West the four corners of Whirlwind have drawn together to produce this, the best rock 'n' roll has to offer.

After being spotted by Ted Carroll one night while taking on a glow in a West End bar, the fellows were soon talking deals and contracts and were signed to Chiswick within days. The result of that chance meeting lies right here. So be the first on your block to rap about your favorite new rockin' combo, Whirlwind, and if your folks crash the scene while you're digging the goods, why not turn them on to the walkin' strollin' sound of the latest craze ... the really gone, WHIRLWIND!

Stuart Colman, 1977