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John-Boy & The Waltons are the right rock 'n' roll band for all kinds of festivals, clubs, pubs and parties. If you wanna have a good time, wanna dance, just call these guys! Their second CD will be available through Rarity Records in May 2002. It contains no less than 25 "oldies though not especially goldies". Their recent release "(Let Me Be Your) Number 72" got them a lot of publicity and airplay, and they appeared live on the very popular Dutch late-night talkshow Barend & Van Dorp and on several other national TV-shows.

You can download "72" from the band's website. It's an early rough mix, but it's free! The story behind the song: It was just meant to be a joke! John-Boy will be joining the elections in May 2002; he's on number 72 for the Dutch Labor party PvdA and the band wrote the song as a parody on John-Boy's political ambitions. Listen to it and you will know that Holland really needs this rocker in the government - he's got humor, he's got a great voice and he's got the guts! The special "election day single" was released in March 2002 on the 12,5 years anniversary party of the band.

John-Boy & The Waltons originate from Nijmegen, in the east of The Netherlands, and started off in 1989. They specialize in old-time rock 'n' roll from the fifties and early sixties; the best songs by Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly but also some (Sun) rockabilly from Warren Smith, Jack Earls, Ernie Chaffin and more. They also do old-fashioned, up-tempo country music and even a few "bad taste" hits from the 1970s. See a full setlist on Hi Ho Silver, the website of the band's own management.

And then there's The Beatles. No Dutch band plays their music better and more authentically. The Waltons always use the original key, there's no need to change it because they've got just the right voices. Exactly 25 years after the famous Beatles-performance on the Apple building, John-Boy & The Waltons appeared on top the Nijmegen Opera, playing the very same set of songs. The live-demo that was recorded that day got great reviews, for example in Holland's leading music magazine Music Maker: "Every tiny Beatles-detail is there".

Whatever they play, they play in their own special, enthusiastic way. Main part of their sound are the vocals. The band has three lead-singers: guitarists John-Boy and Freakin' Del Walton, and bass-player Jim Bob. They sing together and change the lead almost every song. Jason plays the guitar and slides, since he lost his accordion after a 1999 gig, and Cousin Mark is the powerful drummer.

Their first CD "WaltonMania - The Lost Pages From John-Boy's Rock'n'Roll Diary" appeared in 1996. It got great reviews too, which is no wonder, because it was recorded live and that's when The Waltons are at their best! Check 'em out, they're on stage twice a week, somewhere in The
Netherlands. You'll enjoy it!

The Waltons are:
Co Verdaas (John-Boy Walton) - Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
Marc Delsing (Freakin' Del Walton) - Guitar & Vocals
Jaap Wijn (Jim Bob Walton) - Bass & Vocals
Sjoert Teerling (Jason Walton) - [Slide-] Guitar & Vocals
Mark van de Laar (Cousin Mark Walton) - Drums

Contact information:
Email Jaap Wijn:
Waltons website:

Hi Ho Silver Management
Dukaathof 8
5551 VG Valkenswaard
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)40 2075747

Courtesy of Jaap Wijn
Photographs by The BlackCat, March 2002