Viva Las Vegas, Acoustic Rock 'n' Roll

"Viva Las Vegas, turns the day into nighttime, turns the night into daytime. If you've seen it once, you'll never be the same again!"

Viva Las Vegas is one of the few acoustic rock 'n' roll trio's in Holland. The band creates an authentic sound with acoustic instruments only. Guitar, upright bass, and snare drum played with brushes combined with close harmony vocals. Viva Las Vegas brings you back to the glory days of ducktails, petticoats, Elvis and Nashville!

Since 1997 this band is touring throughout Holland. They played festivals, cafes, pubs, and they appeared on Dutch TV and radio. The trio has a basic rock 'n roll sound and plays country and rock 'n roll classics in the purest way. The name of the band doesn't conceal that there might be lots of Elvis songs in the Viva Las Vegas repertoire. These combined with a variety well-known and less familiar songs make Viva Las Vegas the ultimate swinging party band. Once this rhythm train starts steaming, hips are shaking.

Elvis Disco #4 review:
After the first band Elvis Maier plays some fine tunes and the dance floor starts getting crowded. The next band also invites to dance; Viva Las Vegas. Just like the first band this trio is very surprising; Tse Yoh on (amplified) acoustic western guitar and vocals, Mark Verschoor on double bass and backing vocals, and Rasyif Kremer on just a snaredrum and backing vocals. A basic appearance like this is rarely seen and takes some guts too. Especially for this occasion they played only Elvis songs (Blue Moon Of Kentucky, Devil In Disguise, Stuck On You), something they usually don't do, even though the band's name implies something else. We really enjoyed their appearance, well played and sung outstanding. Only a few instruments and no electric guitar makes it an effort to keep the attention of the audience. We're very curious about your next show guys! (Boppin' Around, October 2001)

Viva Las Vegas is:
Tse Yoh - Guitar, Vocals
Rasyif Kremer - Snare Drum
Mark Verschoor - Double Bass

In December 2002, singer/guitarist Tse Yoh decided to quit Viva Las Vegas in order to dedicate himself to his new band RedBack, in which also drummer Rasyif Kremer is playing. There will not be a new line-up for Viva Las Vegas. The band wants to express their thanks to all the fans and everybody who helped make the many succesful gigs possible. The Viva Las Vegas CD is still available from Rarity Records. Keep on rockin' and see you on the road somewhere...

Rarity Records
P.O. Box 656
2003RR Haarlem
The Netherlands

Information provided by Tse Yoh, 2002