Ubangi 4, Cool Dutch Rockabilly

Ubangi 4

Who the <beep> is Ubangi 4 and where are they coming from? Well, the're Dutch (and proud of it) and they play rockabilly. I hadn't heard of this band till Anita (the band's manager) contacted me and promoted 'her' band with great enthusiasme. The band has issued 2 cd's, a single and some more stuff on various compilation albums and recently (thanx to Anita again) I got my hands on both cd's. I must say, I'm very impressed. This is great rockin' music, and not only that, they also write their own songs! Of course we all love to hear the old masters, but it's nice to hear that there are still bands that penn their own stuff, and very good I may add.

The first CD "Well...!" (1992) consists of 15 great rockabilly tracks, 9 of which are Ubangi 4 originals. Also included some old and neo covers, such as Screamin' Lord Sutch's "Jack The Ripper", Jack Scott's "The Way I Walk" (also very well covered by Robert Gordon) and the Billy Lee Riley original "Flyin' Saucers Rock 'n' Roll" (written by Ray Scott). My favorite is surely gonna be the self penned "Lost Hound", which reminds me a bit of The Crocats' "Lonesome Coyote", real cool track.

It took the boys some time to get a second CD on the market, but 4 years after the first release they finally came up with "I'm Coming Home", which is also the opening song. It is of course, the Johnny Horton original and it sounds great. There are some more great covers like Peanuts Wilson's "Cast Iron Arm" and the ever great "Long Blond Hair" (Johnny Powers). Again some good self penned stuff, 6 in all. This second CD is a bit rougher on the edges (there have been some changes in the line-up) and therefor this CD sounds a little different than the first one. Both CD's come highly recommended. I guess I really must see one of their shows soon!

Since the release of Ubagi's last CD there were some changes in their line-up, here's the latest update:

Ubangi 4 is:
Ronnie Pietersma - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Pieter De Vries - Drums
Jan De Boer - Lead Guitar
Ronald Derksen - Doublebass

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The BlackCat, June 1999