The Tumblers, Detroit Rockabilly

A name like The Tumblers and its connotations of drinking and gambling would reveal a possible inspiration for the name of the band. Onomatopoeia would be another. These cats rumble, tumble and barrelhouse their way through the set. If your feet don't start stomping, they must be nailed to the floor! The band is pumping out (or pimping out as the case may be) music a la rockabilly, jump blues, swing, and even a 70's TV theme song. Band leader Marc 'Stretch' Nischan takes care of the sangin' and mad guitar slangin', while Jason Lewis slaps out the backbeat that'll move you from your seat to your feet. Rounded off with Johnnie C on the upright bass, this trio knocks out the rock!

The members of the Detroit based rockabilly trio The Tumblers come from the Mid-Michigan area. All over it as a matter of fact. Stretch hails from Lansing, where he played in Bad Oskar, dt's and the Dumpster Cowboys. He is a transplant to the Detroit area. When he started up the Tumblers in 1998, he needed a drummer and a doghouse bass player to form a new band. From his days playing with the Deans, Stretch remembered drummer Jason Lewis. Jason is a Saginaw boy who ended up in Lansing after a stint with The Deans, before they moved to Chicago. They formed The Tumblers in 1998, and started rockin' the clubs and houseparties all over the Midwest.

Recently the band has completed work on a 4 song EP titled "Life's Little Rewards"; featuring the Tumblers original songs. The band is also featured on a compilation from New Jersey label Run Wild Records. "Friday Night Rumble Vol. 4" features 10 cuts from rockabilly bands on the national and international scene. You can get ordering info, hear songs and more on The Tumblers' Website.

You can usually find these boys at Dagwood's in Lansing doing one of the monthly Rockabilly Revivals they started with fellow Shoptown rockers 8Ball Grifter when they aren't gigging with other rockabilly acts like Dangerville, the Deans, or the Twistin' Tarantulas. Put on your dancing shoes and get there early because it's standing room only at these intimate digs. Bring your hot rod and the Tumblers are sure to buy you a drink and jaw about your ride.

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Contact Information:
Marc Nischan
13661 Nadine St.
Oak park, MI 48237 (US)
Phone: 248-541-3272