Trash Hombres, Dutch Rockabilly Trash

Trash Hombres, Like the name says: trash music played by real men. From greasy rockabilly to dirty low down rhythm & blues. After playing together for about 16 years in Fabulous Grit and the Two-Bit Texas Rangers, Rasyif, Wil and Mark didn't want to stop there, and when they met Marc, with whom Wil played a long time before, they found the singer they were hoping for. They all love playing rockabilly, rock & roll and blues and mix them together in their shows. They play stuff from the Paladins, the Seatsniffers, Ronnie Earl and Ronny Dawson with a twist of their own style.

Wil Sipkema played for years in The Clodhoppers, Less Fortunatos, Fabulous Grit & The Two Bit Texas Rangers. He uses Duesenberg and Gretsch guitars, modified Fender Blackface tube amp and some pedals for delay etc. Although Will is renown for his great tone and sound he tends to think it can always be better.

Marc Kamphuis, singer and bluesharp player, quit smoking years ago but still has the sound. Used to sing with The Joe Kofferband, Less Fortunatos, SRV mannen, Daily News & The Commercials and currently with Duo SM and Trash Hombres. This band seems to fit him like a glove. Marc's gear: Shure SM58 microphone, Shure Green Bullet harpmike, Marble Harpwood amp and Hohner and Tombo bluesharps. He leans heavily on his vocals, but his harp playing is improving with every friendly double pass with Wil.

Mark 'Doc' Verschoor is almost inseparable from his doghouse bass and he's slowly making his name on the Dutch Rockabilly scene. Played for many years with Fabulous Grit & The Two Bit Texas Rangers and is currently with Martin Lewis & His Jivemen, Highway 54, The Studebaker Studs and Trash Hombres. Dreams of one day also playing with some bluegrass band. Mark plays an unknown brand upright bass with beautiful pin up girls and an old Dynacord bass amp. Additional acoustic pick up for the 'slap'.

Rasyif Kremer (drums) is the benjamin of this band but with a considerable state of duty. Used to play with Fabulous Grit & The Two Bit Texas Rangers, Viva Las Vegas, The Harries, The Hairdo's and plays with Martin Lewis & His Jivemen and Trash Hombres now. His unique rhythm patterns are sure to get folks on the dancefloor. Rasyif's gear: handpicked drumkit with a French kick, some Pearl kettles and several rides and crashes. Looks way out cool with the leopard skin print!

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Information provided by Trash Hombres, 2007
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