Trailer Park Casanovas, End Of An Era
Rock Therapy Records, RTCD 20001

From the musical hills of Hollywood come the twangy sounds of Trailer Park Casanovas.  They could be lumped into today's "Alternie-country" scene, but these boys reside in another court.  No need for flamingos in their yard because they are fueled and supplied, rocked and amplified, by a hopped up and gassed "blurgrass" kinda sound.

Taking their lead from "The Future", native Kentuckian Paul Morris plays the guitar like a ringing a dinner bell.  "Greasy, fried and sweet" guitar licks is what this guitar boy serves.  "Crooning and mooning" is delivered fresh daily by Robert Lopez (Elvez), singing rockapallachian harmonies with Paul or just adding extra noise on guitar.  He is the ham-bone in the broth.  Tall and statuesque, Tony Redhorse is the foundation of the beat.  The essential bass & dance, slapping you and that bass with his rocking style.  They are all backed and beaten up by the man on the drums simply known as Jomar.

Their collective musical histories have taken them from punk rock, psychobilly, Mexican Elvis to Barbara Mandrell's made for TV band, singing songs about the Southland (but this time it's more South California), lost love, trash and beer.

Before you know it, Trailer Park Casanovas will have Airstreamed their ways into your hearts and, hopefully, your pocket books.  So be a KOA and hook them up.

Nothin' Like That (Paul Morris) / Too Damn Bad ( Paul Morris) / Trash Alert ( Paul Morris) / Piece Of Work ( Paul Morris) / Q.U.I.T. ( Paul Morris) / Nervous ( Paul Morris) / Where You Belong ( Paul Morris) / Tornadoes Hate Trailers ( Paul Morris) / Beer ( Paul Morris) / End Of An Era ( Paul Morris) / Bad News (John D. Laudermilk) / Pretty Pretty Baby (Danny Wolfe) / Five Days (Rhodes/Willie/Franks)

Tracks 12 + 13 bonus tracks from:
"I Sure Miss You - A Tribute To Gene Vincent"
Also available Rock Therapy - RTCD 200015
There's a hidden song at the end of the CD!

Courtesy of Carlos Diaz

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