Toini & The Tomcats, Still Going Wild!

Toini & The Tomcats have been a band for almost 10 years now.

Action and passion are the keywords if you're talking about Toini & The Tomcats. It might be only rock íní roll, but Toini & The Tomcats are definitely more so than most. A hardworking band by all means, and years of hard labour have put them into the top league, a point clearly proven. No fiord, no mountain, no good old Norwegian countryside is unknown to them. Theyíve done it all the hard way, driving miles and miles in a sometimes too hot, sometimes too cold van, having done every thinkable gig from the smallest pubs to national TV. Theyíve played to any kind of audience you can imagine; young, old, middle-aged (and probably some unborn as well), which leaves only the dead left out!

Which, ladies and gentlemen, brings us to the music. Only the dead can ovoid getting soaked up by the energy and joy of this band. Their strongly fifties-inspired music (read: true rock íní roll) is a relief at a time when most so-called rock-music sounds like itís been washed, shaved and sanitized, whatever category you might fancy. There records is also as close to the band on-stage as you possibly can get. Their albums are recorded mostly live in the studio, it shows the band performing a set of songs which not only reflects the music they love, but also a band with its own identity and style.

At first glance itís of course Toini who steals the show, she sounds like the good, wild and innocent in one person, sometimes even at the same time. Power, feeling - sheís up there with the best. From big band jive via the amazing wild rockers to more heartmelting popburners like "lím not the only one" and hot íní sleazy R&B, she shows sheís got more than enough of what it takes. But letís not forget the other three. Arne (bass), Martin (guitar) and Ned (drums) are providing her with the kind of back-ups she needs. Tight, energetic and embroidered with nifty little details, some of which you donít discover at the first hearing. So, get some of their records, turn the lamps down low, your hi-fi high, and let the good times roll!

By Will B., editor of Jello Submarine.

Toini & The Tomcats are:

Toini Knudtsen - sang Wanda Jackson's songs at the age of three and has been faithful to rockabilly ever since. She casts a spell on the audience with her wild and beautiful voice. 

Martin Caspersen - guitar player who has a versatile yet very personal style. With background in swinging jazz and raucous punk, he's now giving you his best in rockabilly. 

Arne Ertnnaes - is standing, dancing, crawling on the floor and jumping up and down while working on that stand up bass like you never thought it possible. 

Ned Leukhardt
- the man who left sunny California and a carrier as a drummer in Wall of Voodoo to join the coolest rockabilly outfit of the nineties. 

Awake At Night (CD - TTC 001, 1994)
Going Wild (CD - EACD 4, 1997)
Traction (CD - EACD 5, 2001)

Tribute To Gene Vincent (EP - Rock Therapy RT01, 1998)
I Sure Miss Gene Vincent (CD - Rock Therapy RTCD200015)