Terry Noland, Hypnotized
Terry Noland

Terry Noland born in Abilene, Texas in 1938 moved to Lubbock as a child. He attended the same school as Buddy Holly, and like Holly, most of his Brunswick records were produced by Norman Petty in Clovis, New Mexico. Ten Little Women, the first and inarguably the best of these was coverd by Louis Prima's sidekick Sam Butera. (Hypnotized, on the flip was covered by the Drifters who had the only hit with it). Noland's second single, Patty Baby, sold well in New York where he appeared at the bottom of the bill on Alan Freed's 1957 Holiday of Stars show at the Brooklyn Paramount.

Nowadays, Noland sells a delightfull booklet containing pix of hims with all the acts. As he quickly realized, Noland bested Holly in looks but little else and after a disagreement with Petty, he moved to the westcoast to begin a career outside music (although he and Petty reunited for a single on Apt in 1961). He married a woman who didn't like the music business and reverted to his real name, Terry Noland Church. After a spell at nightschool, he became a structural engineer before moving to Oklahoma City to begin a lucrative career in real estate development.

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