The Thunder Jets, The Start of JCR Records

During the spring of 1993, DJ Fontana made a tour in Switzerland, playing with a local Swiss band. A jam session was held in Geneva and this was the occasion for Juan C. Rodriguez (guitar) and Laurent Soriano (bass) to meet together as they were both invited to play with the famous drummer. On the spot they decided to form a band and soon, they were joined by drummer Philippe Maret. The Thunder Jets were born and their goal was to play rockabilly music in a 50's way.

By the end of the year, they started to play many live gigs and they soon met quite a success in the french speaking swiss area. It wasn't long before people started to ask for a CD and it finally came out on March 1995. Although it was sold out before the end of the year, the Thunder Jets soon realized that it was too clean to make them really happy. Indeed, the so called "authentic" sound was then emerging from Sweden and was proving that vintage styled recordings could be achieved in the 90's. So they started experimenting with recording on a vintage tube tape recorder, using only two 50's microphones. This was the birth of the JCR vintage recording studio. Finally, coinciding with their appearance at the Münich Rock 'n' Roll in the summer of 1997, a 4 tracks vinyl EP (JCR EP-01) was released in a glorious vintage sound.

1998 saw the Thunder Jets reach their climax. As an established 50's rockabilly act, their were chosen to back veteran singer Phil Trigwell for his first ever swiss tour. He was then at the top of the "rockabilly charts" with his fantastic record "It Wasn't The Moonlight" (Tessy CD 2007). To do justice to the fabulous singer, the T-Jets decided to take time to learn the songs of the record note for note. They were helped by novice musician Walt Steiner, who sang Phil's songs during the rehearsals and was to become the singer of the Noisy Boys a few months later. The tour was a success and some songs were recorded in a hurry at the JCR studio.

In the autumn, the T-Jets made their second appearance at the Zürich International Rock 'n' Roll Festival as forerunners for Bill Haley's Original Comets. At that time, due to the success of the summer tour, Phil Trigwell came back for one more private gig with the T-Jets. This was the last sparkle of the band as Juan had to stop playing for professional reasons by the fall of 1998. At the beginning of 1999 the recordings with Phil Trigwell were still issued on a vinyl EP (JCR EP-02). With Phil being very pleased with the result, plans were made to realize a whole album. Hopefully this will still happen some day...

Laurent went on to form the "Noisy Boys", Philippe seems to have quit musical activities, Juan pursues activities with his JCR records label and is currently putting together a new band.

Maison Jean 44
1801 Le Mont-Pèlerin

Courtesy of JCR Records, 2001