That Crazy Beat, Good Ol' 50s Rock 'n' Roll
That Crazy Beat

That Crazy Beat is a well-known Dutch Rock 'n' Roll / Rockabilly band that was formed in 1984. Until October 1993 it was a four piece band consisting of 3 brothers (Chris, Peter and Andre) and the bassplayer's wife Suzan, who left the band that year when she gave birth to their son Jimmy-Lee. So the bands line up at the moment is:

Chris - Vocals, Guitar
Peter - Vocals, Drums
Andre - Vocals, Double Bass

The band get their influences mainly from "Sun Records" and people like Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps, Johnny Burnette and many more. The styles of music they play are Fifties Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly and Hillbilly Boogie, but they play it in their own way, with their own Sound and with lots of Energy and Enthusiasm. You'll have to come and see one of their wild shows. The band allways had and still has a full agenda of gigs which took them all around Holland and abroad to Belgium, France and Germany. Besides their national and international name, the band has made a name through some TV appearances on RTL4 (5 uur Show) and Sky Channel.

Also well-known Dutchmen like Jan Douwe Kroeske (Dutch TV personality) and Boudewijn Buch (writer) spoke highly of them. Boudewijn Buch wrote good things about this band in his book "Rock 'n' Roll". The character of this band can be described as very fancy clothing, every set they change clothes, an impressive stage show and the idea that every member in the band is as important as the other. Their show is really something else with a bassplayer climbing on his instrument while he keeps on playing, with a drummer standing on his drumkit while playing a solo on the guitar of his brother (with drumsticks) and with all three of them in the audience, entertaining the public more than 100%.

But also the full, tight sound of the band says it all, for the three brothers bring a real tribute to the stars from the frantic fifties and really believe in the music they play. I really dig these sympathetic brothers and their record "The Walls Came Tumblin' Down" is great so check the band out when they're around and try to get hold of a copy of their debut "CD" for it's definitely worth it.

By Frank Nelissen for Southern & Rocking Magazine.

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