The Treble Spankers, Dutch Guitars
Phantom Frank

The Treble Spankers aren't just another band. They're completely dedicated to that almost forgotten, vintage genre of guitar-instrumentals. Played by million selling acts like The Shadows and The Ventures, it was also spreading like a disease among zillions of teenage surfpunk combos throughout the States. They took the smooth edge off the tunefull melodies and compensated their lack of musical talent with a bad attitude and buckets full of sweat. They produced hundreds of obscure 45s that are still an inspiration to The Treble Spankers today.

Another big influence on the musical universe of The Treble Spankers came from the Netherlands: Indo-Rock. Bands of Indonesians living in Holland, playing their instrumentals so touching and obstinate at the same time, it would have given Mr. Marvin instant arthritis if he tried. On top of that good ol' Hank would have collapsed from a combined heartattack and haemerrhoid explosion if he'd bothered to see their stage shows, which are still considered the wildest of this century.

Most of the Spankers met in the legendary combo Ouke Baas. With an outrageous act, the Oukes were The Kings of Sleaze, both on and off stage. Wild rock 'n' roll, porn-movies, abuse of women and animals, it was all part of the true Ouke-lifestyle. On stage, instrumentals were getting more and more important throughout the years. When Ouke decided to split up, it was only natural that The Treble Spankers, were formed.

Today, they are the foremost in instrumental bands. Their music happens to appeal to a huge audience. From middle aged housewives that are slightly disappointed in life, to those snotty, headstrong adolescents. Push any of their silver platters gently in your CD player and let The Treble Spankers capture a warm place in your heart!

By The Black Albino, June 1994

The Treble Spankers are:
Phantom Frank Gerritsen, lead guitar
Maarten Heijblok, bass
Marcel Kruup, rhythm guitar
Frank Sloos, drums

Araban (re-issue) Hasheeda

LP's en CD's
- Araban (Vulcan Records 1994)
- Hasheeda (Polydor 1995)
- Araban (Polydor, re-issue /w 3 bonus tracks 1996)

- A shot in the dark (Jacaranda 1994)
- Go west (Jacaranda1995)
- Red hot navigator (Polydor 1995)
- Samira (Polydor 1996)
- Enola gay (Sheep Records 1997)

The Treble Spankers News:
Unfortunately The Treble Spankers have decided to come to an end. Since Phantom Frank's injury will not be cured for some time, Polydor and the Spankers agreed not to release the new cd 'Gri Gri'. Frank Gerritsen will keep himself busy by composing songs on the computer (with help from the Easy Aloha's) named Spy-Fi. Frank Sloos will centre all his attention on second love Big Paulus, Marcel Kruup will go on deejaying (Jacaranda Lounge), while Maarten Heijblok will work with the Parlandos. We would like to thank our fans for their support over the years.

Drummer Frank Sloos now plays with a garagepunktrio from Amsterdam named Big Paulus, have a look at their website...