T-Bird Gang, Dig That Beat

T-Bird Gang started out as any other project band, when experienced musicians gathered together for jamming. Vocalist Pete and drummer Tomi had been specializing in Gene Vincent material in their earlier bands (since the early 80s) and bassist Risto and guitarist Jan-Erik worked together in a well known Finnish rockabilly band, The Hoedowners.

What started out as a project, soon became one of Finland's tightest and most stylish bands in the rockin' scene. The main influence in their music is early Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps. Despite the strong influence these guys have got from Gene's music, they have succeeded in blending those influences with their own style and that's what makes this band a lot more interesting. They are definitely more than just a Gene Vincent tribute band.

Their strong songwriting skills become evident when you listen to some of their own compositions like the haunting "You Did It" and the jazzy "Joe's Hideaway".

Pete got into his first band as a teenager in late 70s. In the 80s he formed a band called Butterfingers with his mate Tomi, who played drums in all of Pete's bands to come. Pete's next band was formed in '88 and it was called "Pete Boy and the Virginia Gang". Pete's crusade in the musical world of this particular crippled rock 'n' roll legend reached it's peak with a line-up that had a full horn section, piano and clapper boys for that late fifties Blue Caps sound. From '90-'93 the lineup was back to 4-piece and worked under the name "Pete Boy's Party". In 2003 Pete got together with Risto and Janne and with Tomi still on drums they started a band named T-Bird Gang.

Risto started his musical career at the age of 6 when he started taking piano lessons. As a teenager he started collecting records, picked up an upright bass and formed his first rockabilly band in 1983. That lasted a couple of years and between 1985 and 1990 Risto also played rhythm guitar, took lead vocals and wrote songs in a band called Daisy Chain. Nothing lasts forever and in 1991 it was time to pick up the bass again. This time Risto was looking for more modern rockabilly sound with a band called Space Bandits. Between 1994 and 2000 Risto played bass and sang backing vocals in various groups, including Bull's Eye, Bop Cats, Rock-Ola and the Hoedowners.

Jan-Erik Saine (Janne) started his musical study playing classical guitar while he was 12 years old. At age 15 he switched to electric guitar and started to emulate Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and the likes. After experimenting various styles of rock music in different bands during the 90s he wanted to dig deeper into the core and history of electric guitar playing, and since then he has been musically digesting early electric blues, 50s rock 'n' roll, rockabilly and 60's instro music. Besides T-Bird Gang, Jan-Erik played in such bands as The Sleepwalkers, Hoedowners and The Stumble.

Tomi's band history is almost entirely same as Pete's. He played in all Pete's bands since their school days. Tomi is one helluva swing drummer who has really captured those Dickie Harrell brush fills. He is also an entertainer who likes to keep his drumsticks busy, throwing 'em in the air and rolling them in his fingers. Tomi's main influences are Dickie Harrell and Gene Krupa. He also digs some 1930s swing drummers.

T-Bird Gang will participate on a new Goofin' Records compilation. The compilation will be released in March 2006 at Rockabilly Rave weekender. The gang will have 2 songs on that comp.

T-Bird gang are:
Pete - Vocals, Guitar
Risto - Upright Bass
Janne - Guitar
Tomi - Drums

Contact information:
Phone: +358 400 665 033 (Pete)

Courtesy of Risto Lehtimäki