Starcats, 100% Rockabilly from Sweden

Hey , some fact's about us "The StarCats". We started up just over a year ago when I, "Sluggo" (the drummer) thought it was time to set up a rockabilly band after playin' all other styles of music for too many years. After advertising in localpapers I found a bassplayer and a guitarist, but we soon found out that none of us could sing?! So I had to ask a singer from another band if he could join, and so.....

Our style is a mix of classic rockabilly and hillbilly with a touch of swing. In 2004 The Starcats recorded a second demo CD for promotion use only, consisting of 6 songs (4 of which are originals) recorded as a studiolive, no dubs! What you hear is what you get! Mail us!

The Starcats Live at Rock 'n' Roll West, Sweden 2003

The Starcats are:
P.A. "Sluggo" Hesselholdt - Drums
Mikael "Mike" Fransson - Bass
Kjell Olofsson - Guitar
Jonny Sahlin - Lead Vocals

Contact information:
P. A. Hesselholdt
Kronogatan 46C
462 31 Všnersborg
Tel: +46 (0)521 62855

Information provided by The Starcats, 2003-2004