The Slingshots, Press Release

The Slingshots have been featured on many compilations as well as their own album called 'Feels so Right' on Raucous Records last year. The Slingshots are an exciting trio from Sheffield. The mainstay of their repertoire is classic mid-fifties style rockabilly but, unlike most bands of that genre, they also cover a wide range of other territory including blues, country-boogie, and "torch ballads". They even find room for Frankie Laine style cowboy melodrama. Their unusually high level of musicianship, great material (including many original songs) and slightly tounge-in-cheek approach is rapidly making them many new friends both at home and on the contitnent. This, their debut CD, is eagerly awaited by their growing band of followers.

The Slingshots are:

Steve "Big Cleveland" Russell: lead vocal & Rhythm Guitar. Since 1984 when he formed the first incarnation of The Slingshots with J. D. England (see below) and bassist Jonny Wood, Steve has been an integral part of many bands in the rock 'n' roll, blues and hillbilly fields - usually in collaboration with J. D. An awsomely powerful rand versatile singer, he is equally at home with Presleyesque rockers, hillbilly yodels and low-down blues. His solid guitar work helps the band achieve its infectious, jumpin' rhythm.

J. D. "Slim" England: lead guitar and backing vocal. J. D.'s musical pedigree closely parallels that of Steve and his involvements with many bands over the years are too numerous to mention here. A big fan of the blues in all its forms, he has fused his many influences to create a style that is his alone. J. D. is a truly stunning guitarist who combines genuine virtuosity with controlled aggression and subtlety.

Graham "Cousin Stumpy" McElearney: double bass and backing vocals. Graham is a classically trained bass player who has found it surprisingly easy to add rockabilly slapping techniques to his intimate knowledge of the instrument. A natural musician, his previous musical involvements have ranged from orchestral work through western swing to ambient music. His exciting bass work is the backbone of the band's sound and ensures they really "GIT IT ON!" Make sure you catch them when they come to your town!

Official Press Release, 1999

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