Slap 'n' The Cats, The Cats from Down Under

Stand Back!! Rockbilly rules feel the thunder of slappin' bass shakin' down under!! That is the first line on the webpage of The Slap 'n' The Cats, a cookin' real gone trio sliding out of the South coast of Australia. Someone has suggested that these guys may be the real reason we've got global warming. "Rockabilly music they give a beltin' and the South polar cap it's a meltin'".

Having formed in Jabuari 1992 in Warrnambool Victoria, the band has been enjoying some great gigs all around the hep joints along the East Coast of Australia, throughout Victoria, South Australia and even into the 'red centre'. The band was originally known as 'The Runaway Boys', but were forced to change the name in 1993 owing to the fact that a Melbourne band also shared the same name and played the same style of pumping rockabilly.

Last year they packed venues at the Port Fairy Folk and Roots Music Festival, blew up some venues in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, smoked up the floors in Adelaide, revved up the V8 demons at a stack of rod runs and set the dancers on fire at rock-n-roll balls all over the place. The gigs, the albums and the web site sees them gaining recognition from cats and kittens all over the country and overseas. The band has been awarded Australian Roots Music Band of the year at the 2nd Australian Roots Music Awards in Januari 1999.

They have a storm of pumpin' originals, that mostly hold true to the old Johnny Burnette motto "More screams per bar", but also include some surf, neobilly, greasy back alley stuff and even a shot of "ska-o-billy." They can't help but 'go off' over many of the great rockabilly songs played by artists like Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, The Stray Cats, The Blasters, Johnny Burnette And The Rockabilly Trio, The Paladins and heaps more.

After the great success of their first album, "Hot Rods 'n' Haircuts", the eagerly awaited second album is now out. Just you wait! Fifteen all new Aussie Rockabilly original tracks. The Name of the album; 'Ruby Red Lips' says it all and it went over like a house on fire at this year Wintersun 2000 in Queensland. So fire up the spaceship and land somewhere they're playing, you'll go hog wild and really rip up the hardwood floor. You can hear samples from all songs on the Slap 'n' Cats website.

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Slap 'n' The Cats are:
Robin 'Slap' Sharrock - Slappin' Double bass & Screamin'
Damien 'Slim' Webster - Gretsch Twangin' Goanna & Wailin'
Rob 'Rockin' Billy' Bevan
- Drum Whacka & Croonin'

Contact information:
Slap 'n' The Cats
c/o 69 Ryot Street
Victoria 3280

E-mail: -

Courtesy of Damien 'Slim' Webster