Everybody's Movin' with Simone Di Maggio

Simone Di Maggio (only 16 years old) is a young and wild rockabilly kid from Florence, Italy. His love for rockabilly music comes from his family. He grew up listening to his father's rockabilly records. His father (Massimo Di Maggio) and his uncle (Marco) are well-known as the Di Maggio Bros. On his debut album, "Everybody's Movin'", he plays electric guitar and sings in a classic rockin' and doo-wop tradition, showing a variety of rockin' influences from the likes of Dion & the Belmonts to Larry Collins and Eddie Cochran.

Simone plays all over Italy and his name appears on major festivals such as "The Milwaukee Confidential" Milano, Italy and "Summer Jamboree" Senigallia, Italy. Just take a listen to "Party Doll" or his instrumental "Milkshake Boogie" and you know how great this kid is gonna be in the near future. "Milkshake Boogie", penned by Simone himself, has been choosen as the instumental song to introduce the website of The Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Sound samples from his debut album are available from Simone's website.

Line Up:
Simone Di Maggio - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Danny La Torre - Double Bass
Larry Kotroz - Drums

Information & bookings:
The Rockabilly Connection
Phone: +39 (0)55 482 245



Information provided by Marco Di Maggio
Used with permission, November 2002