The Silvertones, Rippin' Canadian Westernbilly Outfit

Country and Western, Rockabilly, Western Swing, Jazz, Blues and Rock 'n' Roll. These are the roots of virtually all the music being explored and performed by the Silvertones. From traditional artists such as Bob Wills & the Texas playboys, Hank Williams Sr. and Merle Haggard to newer acts like BR5-49, Brian Setzer and Dwight Yokam, the Silvertones incorporate different styles and eras into their act. This kind of diversity is also evident in their original material; from the Swingabillied "Boogie Woogie Dynamo" to the bluegrass sounds of "Can't Forget" to the honkytonk ballad "These Four Walls".

The Silvertones were formed in the fall of 1997 by brothers J.P and Christian Mayville as a side project and an excuse to play some good old 'hard core' country & western music. At that time Christian was writing and playing in a pop band called Racecar, who had quite a bit of regional success with their indie CD and website, including CMW & NXNE festival showcases in Toronto and some shows south of the border including Detroit, New York City, New Orleans & Boston. Meanwhile J.P was playing lead in a Toronto based Lounge-Rockabilly act called Johnny Guitar.

In early 1998, drummer Chris Solet from Racecar came on board after that band split up. By November 1998 the Silvertones recruited Gary Smyth on the bass guitar and the four members almost immediately clicked. By 1999, the boys began to build a collection of original material and a host of great cover songs. As time passed and the band evolved it became apparent that a recording project would be the next step to take.

The Silvertones entered the Sound Foundry recording studio (Windsor, ON) in late August of 2000 and, in the course of six months, while juggling 4 full time jobs, they managed to record 20 songs (12 original numbers and 8 great old cover songs) with engineer Chris Pistagnesi. The band was very fortunate to have some extremely talented musicians contribute to the recording, including Kelly Hoppe from the band Big Sugar on harmonica and saxophone, young (17 year old) Marq Roy from the band Train 45 on mandolin and banjo, Dale Rivard on pedal steel, Dr. Brian Burke on saxophone and Jackson Drobko on trombone.

They were also fortunate enough to, through the use of their award winning web site (, to meet producer Ron Macey (bassist for the band The Skydiggers) who, along with engineer Peter Hudson, mixed the record at Hallamusic in Toronto, ON.

When it comes to music, the attitude of the Silvertones is that the song is all that matters, so they treat each one with the care & respect that it deserves, and they have a riot doing it. The final word on the Silvertones is that they deliver... Everytime!

The Silvertones are:
J. P. Mayville - Vocals, Guitars
Christian Mayville - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Gary Smyth - Bass
Chris "Sunshine" Solet - Drums

Contact & Bookings:
The Silvertones
6755 Cantelon Drive
Windsor, Ontario
N8T 3C2 Canada