Sonny Fisher

Sonny Fisher

Sonny Fisher was born in Tyler, Texas on 13 november 1931 and grew up on his father’s farm. From an early age he was interested in music and his father taught him some chords on the guitar while he was still at school. Around this time the Fisher family left Texas and moved to California, finally settling in Tacoma, Washington. However, Sonny missed Texas and moved back to Houston shortly after his 18th birthday.

Soon afterwards Sonny formed his first group playing country music in the clubs around Houston. About this time he met up with his great leadguitarist Joey Long who was also fronting his own group in the clubs and they decided amalgamate and concentrate on playing the mixture of country music and the blues which has resulted in their own unique sound (rockabilly music!). Sonny's wild act coupled with Joey’s powerful rocking guitar style made "The Rocking Boys" at the time one of the most popular acts around East Texas.

Sonny signed a contract with Starday Records. Some tracks he recorded for this company are "Rockin' Daddy", "Pink & Black", "Hey Mama" and "Little Red Wagon". One of his most nopular songs with the nowaday rockabilly fans is definitly "Pink & Black", which has been inspired by the unique pink and black peg-bottom pants which Sonny wears on stage.

In 1982 Sonny Fisher signed with the French label Big Beat, for which company he visited Europe several times for recording sessions, shows and several TV-appearances in France. Sonny performed in Holland for the first time at the Rockhouse 21st International Rock & Roll Meeting Holland, October 1st, 1983.

Courtesy of Rockhouse Records