The Seatsniffers, American Roots Music from Belgium

The Seatsniffers played their first concert in 1995. The first show from the 1250 that were to follow and while you are reading this they are probably already heading for the next one.

Aficionados refer to their music as Seatsniffermusic: a crossover of Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Rockabilly, Soul, Country & Western, Ska, spiced up with the punky attitude and unseen energy of this unique and stubborn foursome.

Apart from the tongue-in-cheeck-Gospel-Cover-Project "Born Again" in 2000 (produced by Paladins' Thomas Yearsley) singer, songwriter & guitarplayer Walter Broes composes most of the band's material.

The Seatsniffers have already toured in 10 European countries en shared the stage with bands like Doug Sahm, Bo Diddley, Dr John, Buddy Guy, The Paladins, Dave Alvin, Zita Swoon, Billy Lee Riley, Status Quo, and many others.

After having released 4 full albums, 7 singles and 2 10" vinyl records, The Seatsniffers move from the Belgian Rowyna label to Dutch record company "Sonic-Rendez-Vous", for which they record their first live album in 2003, now followed by their new studio album "Let's Burn Down the Cornfield".

A project called 'Belgicana' involved an extensive tour throughout Belgium, The Netherlands and Denmark together with Jason Ringenberg, who we probably all know as Jason and the Scorchers, and on many occasions The Seatsniffers also accompanied Rockabilly-legend Dale Hawkins (Suzy Q !!), Chicago-bluesman John Primer (ex-Magic Slim, Muddy Waters band), Sonny George en Eddie Angel (The Planet Rockers, Los Straitjackets).

2005 was their 10th anniversary and The Seatsniffers had a ball : they re-released their first 2 CD's as "Re-issued1" and a jubilee version from the gospel CD together with the R&R vinyl and a DVD as "Re-issued2". In September 2005, they did a full tour in the south-west US states New-Mexico, California, Texas and Arizona.

The Seatsniffers are:
Walter Broes - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Roel Jacobs - Saxes, Percussion, Baritonguitar, Backing Vocals
Jack Fire - Fender Bass, Upright Bass, Backing Vocals
Piet De Houwer - Drums, Backing Vocals

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