Screamin' Scotty, New Single on Sin'Gal

Breaking onto the scene in 2001 with New England's very own "The Young Ones," Screamin' Scotty has been a fixture of the rockabilly scene for some time. Following in the foot steps of his father, Bradford Lyons, Scotty grew a fond appreciation for rockabilly music at an early age. He began building a collection of rare rockabilly music with the assistance of his father in the mid nineties. During this time. New England based rockabilly acts like "The Racketeers", "The Raging Teens" and several others began to surface in area clubs. This was a ground breaking time for Scotty: he found that there were cats his age doing real authentic rockabilly with all the energy of the original artists.

Having played various instruments in bands for years, Scotty set out to build an arsenal of licks and assemble a band of his own. His admiration for rockabilly soon grew to affect his close friend, Johnny Carlevale. This seed would eventually sprout into "The Young Ones" who gained a considerable following in the northeast corner of the U.S.

Eventually, Scotty decided to move out west and pursue a solo recording career. His first single on Sin'Gal Records, "Jenny Jean," released January 2002, has received much positive feedback. Scotty has just released his follow up single, "My Baby's Got Eyes In The Back of Her Head" (March 2005) on Sin'Gal Records and he is currently working on material for his first long play album slated for release in late 2005. Screamin' Scotty's performances are often wild, frantic, and sultry, as he flings himself about the stage to the beat of the music, which makes Scotty a must see performer.

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Sin'Gal Records
2727 Nelson Rd. #D301
Longmont, CO 80503
United States

Courtesy of Screamin' Scotty, 2005