Sandblasters return with "Cactus Stingray"

Wildebeest Records - WBST002 (released Nov. 1998)

Followup to "Space Bar-B-Q" Explores New Territory

It's been two years since their succesfull CD debut "Space Bar-B-Q," and the Sandblasters have not been sitting idly or resting on their laurels during that time. Besides having their music placed in a variety of independent film projects and taping a segment for the "All You Can Eat Texas Music Cafe," this Austin trio has also been venturing out into new territory, as evidenced on this release by the spaghetti-western-influenced "Big Sky," the Mermenesque "Submersionary," the eastern European "Hungarian Hunch Dance," and the seriously rocking "Snake Shake." There are plenty of other surf, spy and southwestern strains running through their latest offering as well. Guitarist mark Schultz, drummer Spencer Clarke, and the newest Sandblaster basist Drew Schuller have focused their considerable talent and experience on creating a soundtrack for the archetypal space cowboy adventure, "Catus Stingray." Strap yourself in, hold on to your raygun, and get ready for the ride of your life.

What the experts say about the Sandblasters:

Marijn Raaijmakers, BlackCat Rockabilly:
- The real thing, true to the original surfsound, and yet renewing and a real feast for your ears. A must have for all fans of surf and rock 'n' roll music.

Davy Peckett, New gandy Dancer:
- Wall to wall guitars of the real thing, roughriding, forcefull and ear-bending high quality splendor. Loved it!

Sean Berry, The Continental Magazine:
- Never has such cool music come from a trio!

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