Runnin' Wild, Killer Taco Stomp!

For those of you who do not have a good old record player anymore (but I'm pretty sure most rockers do), El Toro re-released the above two vinyl albums on CD. The compilation is titled "Killer Taco Stomp", this song being the best selling item on El Toro, it seems like a logical choice. The album also contains two previously unreleased bonus tracks.

In 1993 Patrick Ouchène, singer of The Domino's, and his good friend and bassplayer Big Ben started up Runnin' Wild together with ex-Domino's guitarplayer Kasper Devos. It originally was a mixture of 50's Rockabilly, old-time blues and Django-ish Gypsy Swing. Their instant success led to their debut album "Something's Gotta Give" on the Dutch Rockhouse label in october 1994. They were appointed to do workshops about Rockabilly in Belgian schools, and even represented Belgium in Rotterdam at the European Congress of "Jeunesse Musicale/Jeugd En Muziek". The same year their vinyl single "I've Gotta Jump On Johnny" appeared.

Shortly after that Koen Verbeek had joined the band, as they needed drums to support their music, that started evolving more towards Rhythm & Blues and Desperate Rock'n'Roll. After a short while, though, Koen had leave again due to his obligations to his other band, Los Fabulous Frankies. When, during that same period Kasper decided to quit, they attracted J.P. "Bull" Haye, a drummer/leadguitarist, and a longtime fan of the band. Unfortunately a few months later, Bull got involved in a severe car accident, so Koen was asked again to fill in. After Bull recovered, he rejoined the band for a few months, but it didn't take long before they decided to go their seperate ways, Bull leaving Runnin' Wild to be a trio once more.

But it must be said that it is this line-up that honors the name and the accompanying spirit of the band the most; with Patrick raving like a mandman behind the mike, Ben abusing the doghouse slap with all his might, and Koen killing off his drums like a wild animal his cage, their live show is one of the most energetic around. You don't wanna miss it!

Running Wild is:
Patrick Ouchène - Vocals, Guitar 
Mat Barney - Lead Guitar
Big Ben Aïssa - Double Bass 
Koen Verbeek - Drums, Percussion, Vocals 

1994 Something's Gotta Give, Rockhouse MIDCD 9415 
1995 Jump On Johnny, Red Comet RC 45-001 (7")
1997 The Rage Inside, El Toro LP ET-1201
1998 Northwind, Sfax Records CD02 
1999 I Sure Miss Gene Vincent, Compilation RTCD 200015
1999 Tribute To Gene Vincent, Compilation EP RT01
1999 Killer Taco Stomp, El Toro 7" ET.45-01
2000 CD single Sommige Mensen/That's Allright Mama
2000 I'm A Lover Not A Fighter, El Toro 10" LP ET-1002
2001 Ritual Rockabillies, El Toro Compilation ETCD 2050
2001 Killer Taco Stomp, El Toro ETCD 2080
2003 Dig That Nylon, Part Records PART-CD 654.001 <<<<

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