The Rumble Cats, Back To The Roots

The Rumble Cats

Back to the roots of Rock 'n' Roll; that's what the music of the Dutch rockabilly combo "The Rumble Cats" stands for. The Rumble Cats have been around for almost fifteen years now and they perform catchy rockabilly music in its purest from using slapp bass, drums, electric and acoustic guitar.

The Rumble Cats have been around, they've played countless gigs Holland, Poland, France, Belgium, Germany and England, and they have shared bills with well known greats such as Normaal, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and The Stray Cats. Besides a cool rockabilly sound, they often take sidesteps to Western Swing, Country and Blues. Their passion for roots music guarantees a swinging evening with music, just a little different from your average rockabilly band.

The Rumble Cats take you back to the Honky Tonk Dance Halls of the American fifties, and they have proven time and time again that their varied stage show, with mostly self-penned songs, is still very much alive. Rumble Cats are the "hottest sound in town", because Rockabilly is better than Music!

The Rumble Cats are:
Roy Piket - Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Arjen Tabak - Rhythm & Lead Guitar
Herman Severein - Double Bass
Ron Bisschop
- Drums
Guest appearences by:
Gait Veldman - Pedal Steel Guitar

Rumble Cats Discography:
Cool Cat Go Ape (various artists) - Big Shot Records, 1986
Rockabilly Story, Vol. 1 (various artists) - Rockhouse, 1987
Baby Won't You Stay (45rpm) - Tophole, 1989
Soakin' In A Tub (45rpm) - Rockhouse, 1991
Soakin' In A Tub (CD) - Rockhouse, 1991
Three Cats In A Row (CD) - Rockhouse, 1993
She's In The Mood (CD single) - Rockhouse, 1993)
Southern Comfort (CD) - Rockhouse, 1995)
As Cold As You (CD single) - Rockhouse, 1995)
Wild Blue Yonder (CD) - Rockhouse, 1997)

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The Netherlands
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Liner Notes from "Wild Blue Yonder"

Yep! They're back, and this time it's for real. With new bandmembers, the Rumble Cats are hot and freshjust like their 4th album. They sure have a whole new bunch of hot sounds in thier instrument cases. A solid knocked down beat on the drums, some ice-cool slapping and some serious twangs on a guitar that is so old, that tell the truth, it should be in a museum by now. Especially after these recordings.

So for all you hepcats, cool cats and kitten hipsters all over the world, it doesn't matter if you're a wannabe juvenile delinquent or a square, or if you're wearing a uniform or a zootsuit, hardcore hinkin' tonkin' all night long, that's what it's all about.Electrifying ultra-high fidelity till well after the cows come home. These cats give fabulism a new meaning, and they ain't doin' it with anything new. No sirree, they're using the oldest trick in the book, enthusiasm with a passion that's hard to find in music these days.

Their kinda music is the kind that has been in small uptown cafes and jukebox joints all over. The kind of music that always will be and always has been since it was invented in the good ole 1950s. Just like country, jazz and blues, real rock 'n' roll and rockabilly will never die.

These cats are a gang of ballroom bandaleros. Don't blame it on them. Before you get sentimental, grab yourself a sixpack, grab the album and trun the volume on real loud. No, REAL loud! Don't forget to tell your neighbours, if the house is rockin' don't bother knockin'. Yes, Wild Blue Yonder is sure a solid sender!

The Rumble Cats, 1999
Liner notes by W. Bill Hoboken