Roy Orbison, I Was A Fool
Roy Orbison

I Was A Fool... After Roy left Sun Records, he returned to Memphis on several occasions to meet friends at Sun. On these occasions, he undertook some unofficial work as vocalist, guitarist and producer. The recordings of Rudy Grayzell, Jerry McGill and Sonny Burgess are good examples, but Roy's largest contribution came with the recordings of Ken Cook. A Texan introduced to Sun by Roy, Ken Cook recorded several titles for Phillips International in a style and voice uncannily like Roy's own. It is not clear what Sam Phillips was aiming for unless he sought to continue his plans for Roy through Ken Cook. On this song (I was a fool) it may be that the successful harmonies of the Everly Brothers were a guiding factor. It is interesting that tapes exist of Ken Cook's vocals recorded over backing tracks used on Roy's records. Possibly other duets were planned had this one been a hit.

"I was a fool"
Recorded 1956 and 1957, Sun Studio, Memphis
Roy Orbison (vocal and electric guitar)

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