Ronnie, Rolf & Ray, Call for a show, they're ready to go

The Rock 'n' Roll Festival at Terschelling, The Netherlands, in September 2003 was the debut of this 50's music trio. They also presented their debut promo CD, which was recorded in two sessions, the first in December 2002 called "The Rockabilly Sixpack Session", and the second in August 2003 titled "A 20/20 Mad Dog Session".

Rolf and Ray previously played in a band called "The Haystack Hi-Tones" and have been making music for years, playing all over the world, including a U.S. tour from Vegas to Austin. They have a wide interest in roots music, ranging from swing, jive, country, rockabilly, hillbilly to rhythm & blues.

Ronnie has been the front man of "Ubangi 4" for almost 12 years. He's got a very good reputation as a vocalist and showman.With Ubangi 4 he travelled all over Europe and shared the bill with the likes of Chuck Berry and The Paladins. (See: Ubangi 4)

Ronnie and Rolf have known each other from the rockabilly scene for many years now and they decided to do some recording sessions without a drummer, with Ray on the bass. After the first takes they were amazed about the sound and they kept playing without a drummer. And that's how the trio got started. A little 3-piece band with an authentic sound and a mixed repertoire.

The trio's promo album includes:
Don't Push / Say Baby / Feelin' Low / Can't make Up Your Mind / Slippin' In / True Blue / Love Me / All The Time / Hey Boy / Restless / Morse Code

Photo Left to Right:
Rolf - Lead Guitar
Ronnie - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Ray - Doghouse Bass

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Info provided by Ronnie, Rolf & Ray, 2005