Rollovers - Czech Rock 'n' Roll

The story of the Rollovers begins around August 2003, when the frontman of the prominent Czech group Tomsbilly, Tomas Strachota, was travelling around Ireland. It was on a chance weekend stop over in Birmingham where Tom met up with the now disbanded English group Tramsleeper, who were finishing what was to be their last tour. The two groups had played together in Prague a couple of years before, while Tramsleeper were enjoying an extended stay in the Czech Republic and had become regulars on the club band festival circuit.

After the concert Tom introduced himself once again to Andy Bayley, the drummer of the band, and the two began talking. Of course the conversation soon turned to rock 'n' roll and it became clear that both shared a deep love for sun-style. Andy recals: "Tom's energy was unbelievable. The following day I was playing guitar at the Brewery Tap in Worcester with a new rock 'n' roll group I was trying to put together, so I invited Tom to bring his guitar and play a few songs. We played something from Johnny Burnette, a little from Joe Clay and finished off with a barrage of Elvis. The normally sleepy Sunday audience were on their feet! It was clear to me that this was the basis of a new group."

However the next invitation to play was to come from Tom. After returning to Prague a few weeks later and realizing that Tomsbilly should have never fall appart. Tom once again contacted Andy and invited him to relocate to Prague. Two weeks later Andy was in Prague and the gang started rehearsing immediately. Joined by bass man Jirka Pilar and drummer Martin Svub, the Rollovers line-up was completed.

An in-depth history of the bandmembers can be found at the band's website. The Rollovers have recorded a 5-track demo CD with a variety of songs, including Sandy Ford's "Keep On Comin'" and a rendition of The Caravans' "Easy Money". Contact Tom Strachota if you want a copy.

The Rollovers are:
Tom Strachota - Vocals & Guitar
Andy Bayley - Lead Guitar
Jiri Pilar - Double Bass
Martin Svub - Drums

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Information provided by The Rollovers, 2005