The Rollators, Rock 'n' Roll Oldies

The Rollators are an acoustic band from Holland that rocks and rolls. The Rollators set the clock back in time with their swinging rockabilly from the 1950s. They do this with a simple though effective line-up: a double-bass, an acoustic guitar and the one and only rock'n'roll-guitar, a retro orange Gretsch as used by Eddie Cochran and Brian Setzer. So: it's back to basics...

While listening or dancing to the music of The Rollators, you will simply forget that there is no drummer in this band. It rocks and it swings, thanks to the beat that is set by the slapping bass and the acoustic guitar. And this trio doesn't have to play too loud to get that swing.

The clothes and instruments are all in style, and so is their equipment. The Rollators use a 35 year old tube-PA, a vintage speaker-system and fifties microphones. Should you need a rock 'n' roll group that plays without any amplification, The Rollators can do that in the duo-setting. You can also combine one or two acoustic sets with an amplified gig, on one and the same night.

To name just a few of the many classics The Rollators play: 'Twenty Flight Rock' by Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent's 'Say Mama', 'Stray Cat Strut' by the Stray Cats, 'Good Rockin' Tonight' in Elvis' version and 'Lonesome Tears in my Eyes' by Johnny Burnette. But they know allmost every fifties song which makes them a great band for all kinds of small clubs and small parties - whether or not in American / Fifties / Rock 'n' Roll-style. They also love to play festivals. And, of course, The Rollators make an ideal support-act because they don't need much space and are easy to mix with only 6 channels needed.

The Rollators know what they're doing; they've been playing in rock 'n' roll bands for the last 15 to 20 years in bands such as Mac Taple, John-Boy & The Waltons, The Sideburners and The Cavemen. People who are really into rock 'n' roll music will love them, but when you're just visiting a gig for fun, you'll have a good time too!

Keep on rollin'... The Rollators! 

Contact information:
Hi Ho Silver American Music Management
Dukaathof 8
5551 VG Valkenswaard NL
Phone: +31 40 2075747 (Jaap Wijn)

Information provided by The Rollators, 2003