The Roadliner Band - Rockabilly, Surf, Blues and Twang

The group originally formed in 1985, as The New Byrds playing Country Music. Their sound is described as "Country-fed Rockabilly Twang". Their music is a mixture of rockabilly, country, surf, and blues, all played so energetically with their own style and sound.

Jurgen started playing guitar as a 5 year old and formed his first band, The Young Byrds, at age 11 in 1982. This band with youngsters had their first double single out after one year and gave them some success in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and France. They shared the stage with "The Shorts"(Nl), Sandra Kim(B),Bobbejaan Schoepen,Nicole en Hugo, Ruud Hermans (Nl), etc...

In the beginning of 1985 the members of The Young Byrds decided to quit due to their other musical interest as individual musicians. Jurgen and his parents decided to visit their family in Canada for a while. As a young musician J.D. learned all about Country Music and the guitar picking style from his nephew Mel Hyland. Mel was a country singer and a saddle bronc rider at that time and even now Mel(known as "Big Bull") is inducted to the Canadian Professional Hall Of Fame.

J.D.'s Canadian trip lead to his decision to start a Country Band in Belgium. Back in Belgium J.D. found a new bass player (current member now Clint) for his band through Mr.Bobby Setter. J.D. still needed a new drummer for the band and was contacted by Mr. Dirk Watson. As the band was formed at that time as "The New Byrds" their efforts in Belgium as a country band went well! They worked for Bobbejaan Schoepen several times and so they met Mr. Jimmy Lawton and Mr. Steward Barnes. After two years as The New Byrds Jurgen, Rudy and Dirk decided to change the bands name into "Roadliner". The band continued playing country music and J.D. still worked on his own style of picking. At some point and time in Europe "Line Dancing" became more and more known but after several time this country dance style became a style of itself at the "dance scene" and after a while it was not used with country music only but also with more modern styles of music. Since it was getting harder to play gigs at Line Dance clubs the band had the chance to cooperate with VTM (tv station from Belgium) in the series of the Planckaerts. The band had a great time during this season and working with the "Planckaert Family".

After this adventure the band started to think about changing their name into "The Roadliner Band". Dirk decided to leave the band as a friend and so J.D. and Clint had to look for a new drummer. They called their friend Jack who already did some stand-ins as a drummer for the band and so they were back on track! Meanwhile J.D. wrote the album "On The Road" and tried to get it released in the US. Through social networks J.D. gathered over 3000 fans on line with his music and people started to ask about a release for this album! A new adventure for the band had arrived!

In now time the album sold very well in the States due to J.D.'s picking style and so the band met a new friend and fan Mr.Parham (a good friend of the late Danny Gatton). In 2011 Mr. Parham paid a visit to Belgium and the band had the pleasure sharing the stage with him at the American Roots Festival. That was big FUN and a he is wonderful man!

In the beginning of 2012 the band made another decision! They started with a whole new musical adventure... Rockabilly! The band made a new program, rehearsed cover songs, mixed their own style into them and now The Roadliner Band is ready for You Cats! It's a mixture of Rockabilly, Surf, Blues and Twang! Our 2 hrs performance/show contains covers (played in our own style) from Reverend Horton Heat to Brian Setzer, The Ventures, Carl Perkins etc... and... own original work! Hope to see you Cats and Kittens on a gig and having a good time together!

The Roadliner Bandmembers:
Jurgen Demeyere (J.D.) - Guitar, Banjo, Lead Vocals
Rudy Van Damme (Castel Clint) - Upright Bass, E.Bass
Jackie Vandenberghe (Jack "the Animal") - Drums
Patriek Himpe (Pattie) - Sound Tech, Road Crew Member

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The Roadliner Band, 2012
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