Ray Ethier, Slave Girl
Ray Ethier

Ray Ethier is from St. Catharines, Ontario and he is definitly not a well known name on the rockabilly scene, but when I tell you that he was Ben Hewitt's leadguitarist it should surely ring a bell. Besides playing a real mean guitar on most of Hewitt's 50s recordings, he also recorded a 45 under his own name. This single contained "Slave girl" b/w "President's walk" and was issued by Mercury in 1959. "Slave girl" had great potentials, but Ray fell is love with Patricia June and married her. Pat told Ray that is was either her or the guitar... he chose her (big mistake if you ask me!). This Patricia June much have been something else, making Ray put down his guitar, Ben Hewitt even wrote a song about her. Ben Hewitt's 50s recordings (including "Patricia June") as well as the two sides by Ray Ethier were re-issued by Bear Family Records in 1984 on BFX15150. Must have!