The Red Shots, 15 Years of Red Hot Rockabilly Boogie

For fifteen years now, ever since 1989, the name Red Shots is very well known in Holland en some neighbouring countries in Western Europe. In that year their first LP "Play My Boogie" was released on Tombstone Records, followed by the LP "The Wild Bunch" in 1992. In between recording these two albums, The Red Shots toured Europe: Paris, Lille, Berlin, Nurnberg and, of course, their home country The Netherlands where The Red Shots were very popular. During the (now famous) Terschelling Rock 'n' Roll Weekender in 1991 there was a big brawl and the Dutch Mobile Units of the police department had to come in to cool down the rumbling crowd and to escort the band safely off the premesis. At the end of 1992 the band split up. Much too soon for many devoted rockabilly fan.

Six years later, early 1999, The Red Shots are back together. Their live performances are still (or again) very dynamic, wild and energetic. They give new life to great 50s hot rockabilly songs from the likes of Billy Lee Riley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins in a way only The Red Shots can. In 2001 the first two albums are re-released as a double fearure CD on the Dutch Rarity Label. A newly recorded CD is released in the same year titled "Texas Boogie", also on Rarity.

In 2003 The Red Shots celebrate "15 Years of Red Hot Rock-a-Billy Boogie" with the release of a 4 track CD-single on their own Red Shoot label titled "Jubilee". All 4 songs are covers of well known rockabilly classics: "My Little Sister Got a Motorbike" (Crazy Cavan & The Rhythtm Rockers), "Coming Home" (Johnny Horton), "Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby" (Carl Perkins) and "Doggone Lie" (Autry Inman). All recorded in The Red Shots own rockabilly style. Especially their redition of the Crazy Cavan song is memorable, The Red Shots make it sound as if it was a 50s orginal.

The Red Shots are:
Jos Visser - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Hans Nelemans - Double Bass, Vocals
Koos Nelemans - Drums
Gerard Heijmeriks - Lead & Rhythm Guitar

Contact & bookings:
Red Shots Management
Jos Visser
Phone: +31 (0)6 18846534

Dutch Newspaper Clipping, 1989