Rosemary Clooney, This Ole House

This ole house (78 rpm)

78 rpm Philips European issue of "This Ole House".

Rosemary was born May 23, 1928 in Maysville, Kentucky, where, when she was only a few years old, she began her career by singing for her grandfather to help him in his race for mayor. She and her sister won an amateur contest while growing up in Cincinnati as the Clooney Sisters. This led them to being regulars on radio station WLW in Cincinnati seven nights a week. They later went on to join Tony Pastor's orchestra in the forties as vocalists and toured with him for two and a half years. In 1949, Rosemary became a soloist and signed with Columbia records. Her first major hit with the label was in 1951, when she had a number one record called "Come On-a My House," The song was written by William Saroyan and Ross Bagdasarian (later known as David Seville of the singing Chipmunk fame) in the late thirties, and took over ten years to become a hit. Rosemary's biggest years for Columbia were from 1951 until 1955, during which she enjoyed other hits like "Botch-a-Me" and "This Ole House" (1954). She got involved in motion pictures in the fifties, starring in such films as White Christmas, Deep in My Heart, Red Garters, Here Come the Girls, and The Stars Are Singing.

Her hit "This ole house" is very well known, especially to the younger European generation, because of the massive hit that Shakin' Stevens (UK) scored with this song in 1981.