The Crazy World of Rusty Chainsaw

My name is Bill Nehl and I have been performing under the name Rusty Chainsaw since 1993. I am a singer, songwriter, musician and performer with a "roots rock" style, mostly influenced by classic blues and rockabilly with some occasional jazz work. I have performed solo, in a duo, and various bands in the Seattle area since '93 in local clubs and coffeehouses. I also performed at the 1995 Seattle International Folklife Festival and the 1998 Olympia Experimental Music Festival. I have always done original songs and have recorded 50 songs of my own and released them on cassette and CD. My recordings have gained favorable reviews in publications including Blue Suede News, Original Cool, Victory Review, and Improvijazzation Nation. My current CD is called "Crazy World Of Rusty Chainsaw" and is available at CDBABY. Hope you'll check it out, hope you'll like my music. Thanks.
-- RUSTY --


Here's an entertaining one-man band CD-EP (on gold no less), featuring some psychosurfgarageabilly from a talented and commited singer, songwriter and one-man band. Bill Nehl's alter-ego plumbs some observational comedic gold on songs which run the gamut from skewed relationship priorities, political mockery, and yes - UFOs (the title track features an alleged recording of an UFO). Sometimes the fidelity is a bit thin or fuzzy, but that only seems to heighten the surreal nature of the tunes and production. Whether he's playing twangy and fast, low-down and grungy, or spacy and cool, Nehl delivers independent music with a punch and wry smile. He's crazy, talented and definitly worth checking out. -- Ken Burke --

Rusty's guitar is from the jazz/blues T-Bone Walker arena, and he has a fine vocal style.  -- Victory Review --

Rusty's tunes are good and he's a good guitar player, I like this kind of stuff.  -- Blue Suede News --

Chainsaw's a decent vocalist, a solid guitar player, and a promising songwriter.  -- Relix --

Contact Information:
Rusty Records
P.O. Box 4166
Kent, WA 98032 USA