De Rammelaars, Let's Rattle...

What do you get if you combine the most experienced players of bands like Mac Taple, King Size Trio and Ducktail? A brand new dutch 50's rockabilly trio, with a playful name called "De Rammelaars" (free translated: The Rattles). Popular 50's rockabilly and all time rock & roll hits. Skilled musicians, fun and quality in a traditional rockabilly line-up: Gretsch Guitar, Double Bass, Drums and 2 lead vocals "Eddie Cochran and Buddy Hollly" style.

Roland Verbruggen plays Gretsch guitar. "Mac Taple" discovered and drafted him in the early 80's after their lead guitar player quit. Meanwhile Roland founded a neo-rockabilly trio called "The Cavemen", together with Marcel Hoitsema (The Bellhops and Bang Bang Bazooka). He exchanged his guitar for a double bass, to comply with the neo-rockabilly standard. "The Cavemen" was one of the first dutch neo rockabilly bands and they where very successful for years. In the early 90's, front man Roland couldn't enjoy the neo-rockabilly scene and left The Cavemen. "The Cavemen" didn't last much longer...

Late 2003 Roland jumped back into the rock & roll scene and founded a 50's rockabilly trio "The Rollators". They had some problems finding an experienced double bass player and decide to contact Piet van Herk, currently playing with Ducktail. Piet founded Ducktail in the middle 80's and still doing gigs "amusebilly" style. He played guitar for years in Ducktail and in the shitkicking hickabilly band "Blazin' Saddles", early 90's. "Blazin Saddles" (with Peter Pan Speedrock's Bart Geevers) played their own music style but would probably be titled as psychobilly among 50's lovers. Piet joined "The Rollators" as their double bass player late 2003. "The Rollators" played very successful for more than 2 years on the biggest events in the Netherlands and where forced to stop late 2005 in the original line-up with an impressive giglist history due to severe problems with their booking agency.

Roland and Piet, original "Rollators" members, did not want to stop playing and they decided to take control over their own musical destiny. Then Gert de Graaf came into the picture. Gert started in the 80's with his band "Jumping Jukebox" and plays currently as a drummer/singer in the "King Size Trio", an appreciated rockabilly band. He also plays rhythm guitar and takes half of the lead vocals for his account. Gert loves to be on stage, and that is one of the main reasons he joined de Rammelaars. He came and said: "Let's rattle", and within one second the band had a name. The name is dutch, and the band focuses mainly on the dutch scene.

Their music is original 50's rock & roll and rockabilly. The gigslist contains mainly the million sellers from the past, the biggest hits from Elvis Presley, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Hollly, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Burnette. They also play rock & roll hits from all eras to enjoy a broad audience on special occasions. A band very suitable for all kind of events, from real rock & roll festivals to private parties. A trio that doesn't need a lot of space but will make you dance like crazy! Watch out and enjoy "De Rammelaars".

De Rammelaars are:
Roland Verbruggen - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
Gert De Graaf - Drums, Rhythm Guitar And Lead Vocals
Piet Van Herk - Double Bass, Vocals

Informations and bookings:
Phone (Roland): +31 (0)40 2212345
De Huipen 56
5581 TT Waalre
The Netherlands 

Courtesy of Piet van Herk, 2005