Ace and the Ragers, Light This Sucker Up!
Light This Sucker Up!

Ace and the Ragers is a Rock and Roll band dedicated to the preservation of what Rock and Roll is all about. An evening with Ace and the Ragers is an evening of cocktails, mayhem, dancing, and mindblowing enjoyment. Long since known amongst its cult following as the pinnacle source for bloodthirsty Rock and Roll, the Ragers are excited to finally be able to unveil their long-awaited first album, "Light This Sucker Up," on the unsuspecting masses whose craving for real Rock and Roll has never died. Ace and the Ragers debut CD, "Light This Sucker Up" is available now for purchase. Recorded in the Spring of '98, this long awaited first full-length CD was released by the Ragers' own Pin-Up records on October 1st, 1998.

The Ragers' story is an interesting one. Chagrin Falls, a small town in Northern Ohio, is where the Ragers formed. This small suburb of Cleveland was the scene of the beginnings of what the Ragers affectionately refer to as the genesis of the renaissance of true Rock and Roll. From the modest streets of Chagrin Falls to some comparatively larger gigs at such venues as the Cleveland Agora and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, the Ragers have lit up rockers of every age, size, and creed.

Ace and the Ragers' lineup consists of the following Cleveland swingers...

Ace Borkowski
Bryan McCleery
Todd Nelson
Joe "The Butcher" Ryan
Craig Ramsey
Danny White

The Sax players have a primary musical influence of old R&B & Jazz, and Swing. Junior's a Western Swing/Rockabilly player. Ace and Bryan have just been listening to good ol' fashioned Rock and Roll for as long as either one of them can remember. Ramsey was put on this planet to rock. When one thinks of the way Rock and Roll was born, it was a combination of styles, influenced by R&B, old Country music, and greasy teenaged angst. That's what created the Ragers, and that's what keeps the Ragers going. Rock and Roll hasn't died yet, like it was so boldly predicted to have forty years ago, and as far as the Ragers are concerned, it's stronger than ever.

The Ragers have never claimed to be anything that they're not. They're not a Swing band. They're not a Rockabilly band. They're a Rock and Roll band. Period.

And now, Pin-Up Records proudly presents to you... Light This Sucker Up!

And best of all:
You can download the complete CD from the net FOR FREE!