Pim Maas, The Dutch Elvis

In the fifties and early sixties Pim Maas was RCA's official Dutch Elvis. Pim was born on June 26, 1944 in Amsterdam, son of a bar owner and professional saxophone player. At the age of 14 he used all of his allowance to buy Elvis records and seeing Elvis' movies at the cinema. He took guitar lessons and joined his dad's band. One day in 1959 he read a poster at the Cinema Royal in Amsterdam, that there was gonna be an Elvis Presley contest, Pim duly entered and after 3 weeks, from a total of 324 contestants, he came out first. Runner up was Ria Valk, a girl who later gained fame with hits such as "Rocking Billy" and "Tommy Uit Tennessee".

At this time Pimís fatherís "Stateside" bar was very popular with the American G.I.ís based in Germany and it was in this bar that a soldier based at Bad Nauheim with Elvis Presley heard Pimís first R.C.A. release "Kansas City". He was so impressed with the record that he promised to arrange a meeting for Pim with Elvis. Pim didnít take all this too seriously but a short time after he received a letter with an invitation and travelled to Germany with his parents, where they were met by Pim's idol, Elvis Presley. They stayed for two days and Pim and Elvis even did a mini-show together for the G.I.'s, they performed 3 songs with piano accompaniment.

The visit to Germany also resulted in an invitation to come the U.S. and Pim stayed states-side for 9 months. He couldnít stay as long as he wanted, because he could not get a permanent working permit at that time. In the early sixties Pim toured Europe, mainly in Holland, Scandinavia, Spain and Germany. In the early 70s Pim joined the "Big Rock Revival" and scored another hit in 1974 with "What Makes The World". In the mid 70s Pim moved to the United States where he still lives today.

In the early 90s there is a renewed interest in Pimís music with the release of a limited edition single and an TV appearance on "Sunday Evening With Van Willigenburg", a popular Dutch television programme. Rarity Records released a 10 track LP titled "The Dutch Elvis" (LP 192441) with Pim's 50s and early 60s recordings in 1991. Other Rarity releases include "Pim Maas Sings Elvis" (CD 192501) and "Now And Then" (2CD 192600). Some of Pim's early recordings can also be found on the ultimate Dutch rock 'n' roll collection "De Rock 'n' Roll Methode" (Sam Sam Music).

Adapted from an original story by George Evers
Rarity Records, 1991

Parts of this story are highly unlikely, according to Theo van de Bilt, former secretary of the Elvis Presley fanclub "Presley Cats" and editor of the magazine "It's All Elvis". He wrote an article on the subject for Argus Magazine in 2018. Click here to read (Dutch language)

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