Phil Friendly & The Loners, I Got 99 Women

"Well, I got 99 women and I only need one more
When I get another baby gonna get me 99 more..."

The young Rockabilly & Country Rock singer and guitar player Phil Friendly can be justly called a Travelin' Man. Phil has been flying all around the world ever since he was a baby, first with his parents and later with his bands. Over the years this young man has played numerous life shows in different European countries and the United States, hardly having any time to rest. Phil's band has performed on various television and radio shows.

Phil's debut album, "Friendly Boogie", was released on Rockhouse Records back in 1995. It sold very well and received many great reviews in different American and European music magazines. Other records followed, including an album with an American Rock'n'Roll star Charlie Gracie and numerous compilation records in Europe and the US.

Phil Friendly's last album, "I Got 99 Women!", was released on Rarity Records in 2000. The title song was written by Friendly himself and became his signature tune. As a matter of fact, most of Phil's repertoire is original material, although he occasionally performs some great Country and Rockabilly covers. Phil's style is sometimes compared to that of the late Rick Nelson, who happens to be one of Friendly's heroes. Another name that comes to mind when you are listening to Phil's records is Chris Isaak, for both singers are very fond of romatic love ballads, and Friendly has written and recorded quite a few.

Phil has appeared on stage with many great American Rock'n'Roll and Country veterans, such as Charlie Gracie, Gene Simmons, Eddie Bond and TV actress and C&W star Ronnie Stoneman, to name but a few. In Europe he shared the stage with the members of such bands as Matchbox and Blue Cats.

Phil lived and worked in Nashville for a while. That is where he got acquainted with the legendary music producer, singer and songwriter Jack Clement, who contributed two of his tunes for Friendly's CD "I Got 99 Women". Right now Phil and his band are getting ready to record a new album for Rarity Records.

Recently Phil Friendly has had to slow down a little, for he happens to be a university student now, but he still finds time to do life appearances and record, and every time he and his band "The Loners" perform someplace they rock the house! Another noteworthy fact is that the Loners' bass player Alex Loginoff has played bass with The Spootniks for quite a few years. They just finished a succesfull European tour (Summer Jamboree, Terschelling, Cruise Inn, etc.)

Phil Friendly & The Loners are:
Phil Friendly - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Tim van der Schoor - Acoustic Guitar
Alexander Loginoff - Upright Bass
John van Houtum - Drums

Phil Friendly's discography:

Friendly Boogie, CD, Rockhouse ROCKCD 9505 (NL, 1995)
I Got 99 Women! CD, Rarity 192635 (NL, 2000)
Rock'n'Roll Giants, Volume 1 (with Charlie Gracie), CD, 192538
Live at the Sunhouse, DVD, Rarity DVD1950 (NL, 2006)

Compilation CDs with Phil Friendly's music
Keep on Indorockin' Volume 4, CD, Rarity 192598 (NL, 1998)
Keep on Indorockin' Volume 6, CD, Rarity 192624 (NL, 2000)
Rockabilly Showcase Volume 1, CD, ROHF SH-ROHF-01 (US, 2002)
Rockabilly Showcase Volume 2, CD, ROHF SH-ROHF-02 (US, 2002))
Keep on Rockin' Volume 1, CD, Rarity 192677 (NL, 2003)

Contact information:
Friendly Agency
2e van Leyden Gaelstraat 200
3134LP Vlaardingen
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0) 10 465 3016 

Information provided by Phil Friendly, 2004