Introducing: The Original Wild Ones

The leather clad rock and roll buccaneers are ready to rock for you! The Original Wild Ones hail from the South of The Netherlands and are guaranteed to bring you a moment of the finest rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, country and teddy boy music ever. The Original Wild Ones like it the "wild, hot and steamy way"! So it's no pink champagne and pony tails for us folks. Semi- hollow body guitars, motorcycles and street cruisers are the world we're living in.

The Original Wild Ones are:

Emilio Garcia - Guitars, Vocals
Emilio shared the stage with a sheer endless list of performers well known troughout the rock 'n' roll circuit. Eddie Bond, Billy Lee Riley, Johnny Powers, D.J. Fontana, Sandy Ford, Graham Fenton, Dave Travis and Sonny Burgess were all backed up by this versatile guitarist. Emilio recorded albums with Charlie Gracie and Ray Campi and was the founder of the well known Dutch band The Bell Hops.

Enrico Garcia - Drums
"Like Father like Son" as they say. When there were serious plans for a new band there was one problem to overcome, where to find a drummer that suited the Outfit well? Not really a big deal when you were born in the Garcia Clan! Problem solved! Dad Emilio plays the guitar and fourteen (!!!) year old Enrico takes care of the Drums.

Frank van de Meulenhof - Guitars, Vocals
Frank is a serious fan of British rock 'n' roll and collects special guitars and amps. Fender, Gretsch, Gibson or Danelectro, Frank's got 'em and he's using 'em all. We're glad to have Frank aboard for he's bringing us the luxury of having two Lead Guitarists.

Harold van Lierop - Bass, Vocals
Harold played in bands like The Streetbuckets and the Driftin'Texans. He was the founder of the band Pipeline '61 and wrote most of the songs on their "Revenge of the Rockers" EP. He did gigs with Jackie Lee Cochran, Phoebe Lewis (Jerry's daughter), Chan Romero, Teddy Rydell and Narvel Felts.

So, if you're interested in The Original Wild Ones and you want to hear our demo recordings contact us at the following e-mail address: 

Information provided by Frank van de Meulenhof, 2003