The Nu Niles, Good Luck, Good Friends & Good Rockin'


The Nu Niles were formed in October of 1996 as a trio (without drums). The group focused its style to their members favorite music: 50s Rockabilly. After a few local performances and some demo tapes, Mike Segura joins the band to substitute the former double bass player and with the new incorporation of drummer "Dum Dum" Roger Arteaga they record their first EP "Haircut Boogie" for El Toro Records. That really helped the band to get gigs all over Europe, making The Nu Niles the most 'international' band of all Spanish rockabillies.

At the time the EP was issued, they also take part in a compilation issued by the Rockabilly Hall of Fame (Volume 1) with "Haircut Boogie" and the Jazz standard "Stormy weather", being the only European band on the CD. In 1999 Daniel Nunes joins the band replacing Mike Segura at double bass (Mike changes to the electric rhythm guitar) and Roger Artega is substituted by Joaquín Arteaga (no relation). In June of that same year recording starts of what will be their first long play record "Good luck, Good Friends & Good rockin'" for the German label, Part Records.

In only three years, The Nu Niles have become one of the most solid rockabilly band that has ever rooted from Spain, their songs have an unique style with a rich mixture of 50s rockabilly and rock 'n' roll, western swing, hillbilly, rhtyhm & blues, jazz and bluegrass.

The Nu Niles are:
Miguel A. Garcia - Lead vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica
Mario Cobo - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mike Segura - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Joaquín Arteaga - Drums
Daniel Nunes - Double Bass

Photo by Jorge Correa

Good Luck, Good Friends & Good Rockin'

Is a pleasure for me to write this review, because I think The Nu-Niles is one of the best rockabilly bands in Spain and they make me feel proud to be Spanish. The first time I heard The Nu Niles was at a concert in Barcelona, they were presenting their first 45 vinyl at that moment, an EP issued by El Toro Records. I bought the vinyl one day later, when they played again, backing the great Mr. Joe Clay!

Now, two years later, I bought their second issue on Part Records, great too! It's one of the best vinyls I have heard the last six months. In the liner notes of this new 10" I noticed that, unfortunately, Roger "Dum Dum Cincinnati" (who has moved to Holland), is no longer with the band, luckily he has been replaced by another great drummer. I like the new Nu Niles' sound, with Daniel Nunes slapping the double bass, Mike Segura rippin' the rhythm guitar, Mario Cobo finger-pickin' like the devil and Miguel A. García puttin' in order all that crazy sound with a melodic (but wild) voice.

The Nu Niles love to play that 50s Rockabilly style, but you can also hear some hillbilly and western swing tunes in their repertory, just listen to the sound in "Money Is Good", but most songs sounds like autentic wild 50s Rockabilly, only a few covers and lotsa self penned songs. An incredible Cochran Brothers' cover "Rockin' & Flyin'" that I have played a lot on my rockin' radio show, and the bluesy track "Good Luck, Good Friends, Good Rockin'", the title song of the record. What else can I say? What songs do I like the best? I can answer that question right away: "You Can't Get That Stuff No More", " Rockin' Ball", "Money Is Good" and all of the other nine tracks on this platter. Make sure you don't miss the chance to get hold of this great 10" 'Made in Spain'.

Review by our Spanish correspondent
Jorge Correa Ruiz (