The Story of "The Night Stalkers"

The Night Stalkers hail from Calgary, Canada and were formed in July 2002 on a sod farm south of the Calgary. The proprietors were Kris Leasak (formerly of Knucklehead) and friend Jarod Ramsfield.The lack of good old rock 'n' roll in Calgary inspired the Night Stalkers to create a band which captures the music that the city had long missed. Several months of intense practicing went by until local axeman Ryan Fox joined in early November 2002. The trio was now ready to play shows, and play they did. Playing three shows in the last week of December 2002, including a Saturday night show at the Castle Pub, the Bamboo Tiki Lounge and a howlin' party at the infamous rock central in Victoria Park.

Word seemed to be spreading of The Night Stalkers and shortly after this string of shows yet another member was added. His name is Byron Hone; some might recognize Byron for his work with the local group The Six String Rebels. Byron is now rocking out on bass guitar for The Night Stalkers. The debut as a quartet took place on March 1st at The Night Gallery Cabaret with other local bands The Surefires (formerly billhilly four), and Agriculture Club. The next show was to be on Saint Patrick's day at the Castle pub with Kris's former band Knucklehead. Other bands played including the Red Hot Lovers, Sneak Attack, Hurricane Felix and his southern twisters, The Surefires and the Smokin' 45's.

The Night Stalkers have a blend of backgrounds and influences ranging from classic 40's country to 50's rockabilly and all the way up to new age punk rock. This combination makes for a very unique high energy, vintage rock 'n' roll act. Hollow bodied guitars, echoing vocals and stand up drumming creates a sound and image that brings the Night Stalkers raunchy rockabilly sound to life. The Night Stalkers went in for their first studio session on Mother's day 2003 at Sundae Sound in Calgary and recorded four originals for their first independently released vinyl 7" and have since added several more numbers to the set. The Night Stalkers were inspired by Link Wray, The Cramps, Elvis Presley, The Meteors, Chuck Berry, The Clash, Misfits, Johnny Horton, and many more...

The Night Stalkers are:
Jarod - Guitar
Byron - Bass
Kris - Drums & Vocals
Ryan - Guitar

Contact information:
Kris Leasak, ph. +1 (403) 606-6097
Jarod Ramsfield, ph. +1 (403) 652-5639 

Information provided by Kris Leasak, 2003