Nick Willett, The King's Voice

Nick was born Nickolas Joseph Willett on May 20, 1977 to William and Monique Willett. His father was born in Fancy Farm, Kentucky in 1938, and his mother in Paris, France in 1942. Nick resides in a nearby south suburb of Chicago, Illinois. His main musical influence was his father. Nick recalls sitting on a porch swing at an early age with his father listening to records of Roy Orbison, The Platters, Elvis Presley, and various other artists of his father's era. Nick also enjoyed his father playing guitar and singing to him at that time as well.

Years would go by and Nick's interest in music would grow. His ability to sing and play guitar wasn't discovered by him until 1996. Nick was 19 years old and had been restrained by an unassuming shyness until then. With a few guitar chords taught to him by his father, Nick would learn to play by ear. He began seeking out open mic opportunities to let out what he had believed The Lord had given him to do. Nick has strong faith in God and believes that the Lord's purpose for him is to sing and perform music for the world; to touch people in a way that the Lord sees fit. He also trusts that certain doors may open and some will close; all for a reason to fulfill his purpose.

Various doors have opened since that day in 1996. Nick has grown tremendously in his musical ability. Following the Lord's lead, Nick has traveled and played throughout various parts of the U.S. as well as the overseas grounds of Europe. Thus, associating with many highly respected musical artists of then and now. Nick's musical style can be described as a mixture of the rock 'n' roll, gospel, country and western, and rhythm 'n' blues music of his father's era. A few of his other personal favorite artists are Dean Martin, Roy Hamilton, Jackie Wilson, Lavern Baker and Charlie Rich. While Nick draws from the musicians before him, he strives to be his own man. He can attack a song with the force of a freight train or treat one with the sweetness of a baby deer. Nick Willett looks to stay true to himself and his music, but most of all to the Lord God.

Nick quotes, "Without Him there would be no me. To all who take interest in my life and music; Thank you for your hospitality and kindness. I wish you the very best and may the Lord truly bless you and your family; Sincerely, Nick Willett"

Contact information:
Nick Willett
P.O. Box 1414
Frankfort, IL 60423

Courtesy of Nick Willett