Mike Sanchez, Just Can't Afford It (MS002)

Mike Sanchez was born in the East End of London on the 17th of February 1964 to Spanish parents Jesus and Manola, who encouraged their son to take up basic piano lessons at the age of ten. In 1975 the family moved from London to Worcestershire in the Midlands where Mike attended Bewdley High school. Though living away from city life and not enjoying the monotony of classical piano tutoring, Mike did grow an interest in 1950s music due to the late 70s / early 80s rock 'n' roll and rockabilly sub culture that was so prominent at the time. Bands like the Stray Cats and The Jets, were charting with a style that turned Mike into a keen follower. At the age of sixteen he was bought an acoustic guitar as a Christmas present and quickly began singing and learning chords of all his favourite Sun recordings. Mike formed a band with school friends including Ian Jennings (Big Town Playboys bassist). As "The Rockets" they quickly found work around the region and within two years were travelling as far as London and Newcastle.

Robert Plant was one of the local followers who introduced the band to Andy Silvester (ex Chicken Shack, Savoy Brown, Steve Gibbons, etc) which lead to the beginnings of "The Big Town Playboys" in the summer of 1984. Birmingham based frontman Ricky Cool (ex. Icebergs, Rialtos, etc, who had also been Mike's woodwork teacher at Bewdley High!), was an important member at the beginning and co fronted the Playboys with Mike who by now was focussing on R&B and Boogie piano styles more so than guitar.

The following fifteen years bought about numerous developments and saw The Big Town Playboys emerge as one of the finest authentic ass kicking rhythm & blues bands of recent times, most of which is well documented. With several album recordings, countless tours from Finland to Spain, from Ireland to Dubai, from Norway to Egypt, three separate stints opening up for Eric Clapton's Royal Albert Hall residencies, movie soundtracks for Ann Dudley and Jeff Beck. European blues festivals backing legendary Bluesmen like Lowell Fulson, Don & Dewey, Joe Hughes, Jimmy Nelson, Champion Jack Dupree, Carie Bell and Little Willie Littlefield, US tours with Mick Fleetwood, photographs and chapters in the "Guiness Who's Who Of Blues" and Bob Brunnings "Blues In Britain - The History."

Mike Sanchez has continued to receive excellent reviews and a growing reputation for his role as singer, pianist, frontman and entertainer and is currently enjoying the most productive stage of his life yet... Mike's new CD "Just Can't Afford saw the light of day at the end of the last millenium and unique mix of rock 'n' roll, boogie woogie, rhythm & blues, all slightly tainted with some Spanish folk influences. And already, Mike is back in the studio, planning and recording a new band with all 50s style R&B and rockabilly.

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