Moonlight Classics - Live in Concert

The Moonlight Classics hail from Chemnitz/Saxony and was founded in 1994 by lead guitarist Jan Heimer. First members were Dirk Prochaska (Double Bass) and Sylvio Lau (Drums). From 1994 up to 1997 the band performed their shows as a three piece, at that time they were called "The Thunderbirds" and they performed with an electric bass.

In the early years the "Thunderbirds" got al lot of support by Crash Cats' guitarrist Steffen Naake (also known from "Die Teddyboys" from Chemnitz). In 1997 the band got a new member: Mathias Arnold. He's been playing the rhythmguitar since then and he also impressed people with his fantastic voice. Also in 1997 the electric bass was replaced by a double bass. A great jump towards the band's sound of today.

At first the band played mostly rock 'n' roll standards, over the years they have developed their own sound to authentic rock 'n' roll and rockabilly with influences of swing and singing harmony vocals. In 2000 they released their first record and it was necessary to change the band's name. They are now called "Moonlight Classics". They feel that the new name coressponds better to the changed style of music. In 2005, more than 10 years on the road, a new record was released together with 3 other Hot Bands from Chemnitz, a sampler where every band introduced 5 songs, and they also played at Rockabilly & Car Rumble in The Netherlands. Music samples can be downloaded from the band's website.

What does the band offer?
- authentic, danceable Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly and swinging Music
- one hour up to full length evening programm
- 100% live-Music for every possible reason
- own PA-system + light-technique is available
- PA-rent for open airs or larger rooms / halls is possible

The Moonlight Classics are:
Jan Heimer - Lead Guitar
Mathias Arnold - Rhythm Guitar
Dirk Prochaska - Double Bass
Sylvio Lau - Drums

Contact & bookings:
Moonlight Classics GbR
Göppersdorfer Straße 73
09217 Burgstädt i.Sa.
Phone: +49 3724-854 675 or +49 172-3726589 

Moonlight Classics, 2005
Used with permission