Memphis T & The Wild Ones, Ain't My Woman

Memphis T is a veteran performer of various music scenes throughout the Southeast and Southwest. During the Seventies, Memphis garnered roadhouse experience by playing in Georgia jukehouse taverns as the only caucasian member of R&B cover bands. During this time he received his original moniker "The White Tornado". Due to his less than stationary stage antics and soulful singing style,a band mate jokingly recalled the name of a then popular TV commercial product. The name stuck.

While still in Atlanta, Memphis T released several cassette albums of differing styles while fronting, backing, recording and songwriting for local rock, blues and country influenced groups.His blues band Cross The Dog was featured on the local cable show "Talk of the Town". The Diggers won Best Country Band of 1992, and Memphis joined professional wrestler Steve Armstrong"s southern rock band Wild Eyed Southern Boys. After leaving his home base in Atlanta, he settled in Memphis, Tennessee, delta home and launching pad of many early blues and rock & roll icons. Playing various bar-b-ques, coffee houses and other venues, Memphis T brought his acoustic blues stylings to varied audiences. While in Memphis, he shortened his stage name to Tornado, but some fans decided to call him The Memphis Tornado.

The summer of 1995 found him sitting on Beale Street helping out one of the citie's own local blues patriarchs, Uncle Ben Perry, as his lead guitarist. Also, Memphis was specially hired by the Orphium Theater to entertain the street crowds during B.B. King"s 1995 birthday concert. A three year stay in Phoenix, Arizona found Memphis T as a guest performer at each yearly Phoenix Songwriters Festival, and holding a Delta Blues Workshop at each Annual Acoustic Festival. Memphis also covered the local acoustic music scene as a staff writer for LINK, a state-wide distributed music magazine, along with his solo and band performances in and around Phoenix and Tucson. During this time, it became the vogue among fans and peers to call him Memphis T.

Texas has seen Memphis T on local cable program "Capsized Live" as a Delta Blues soloist (still in rotation since 1999) and with his jug band/ragtime trio The Ragtime Millionaires, who have been yearly guest performers at Georgetown's (Texas) annual Red Poppy Festival. Memphis is still seen around Austin performing his solo blues, playing rockabilly with Memphis T & The Wild Ones and electric blues with his other band, Memphis T & the Hoodoo Lovers. You will also find Memphis playing blues-rock guitar with The Alternators.

What can I add in particular for this CD? Well, let's see... This is a self recorded/produced effort. My other rockabilly releases were "Hillbilly Stomp" by The Hillbilly Tornados (Phoenix Arizona). I'm Tornado of course. Blue Suede News really dug "Unrefined". Most of the songs on "Ain't My Woman" were also on that album. My main rockabillyers are Johnny Burnette Trio with paul Burlison (killer singing, rocking and guitar!), Carl Perkins, Charlie Feathers and Johnny Carroll. Of course there's tons of others, but these guys made more recordings than most, so there's more to listen to :)

By Memphis T, performer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and purveyor of American-roots musical styles.

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