Mal 'Catman' Clint, Cat Man
Tally-Ho Records, TH290799

Born in 1946, I spent the first couple of years of my life in Penarth, South Wales. Since the 50s Penarth is known as Rock 'n' Roll City. On B.B.C. every Saturday night I was watching '6.5 Special' with rockers like Wee Willie Harris, Don Lang and his Frantic Five etc.. Later in 1959, 1960 I was watching programs such as 'Boy Meets Girl' on I.T.V. with stars like Eddie Cochran and Gene Vincent. Although in the 50s and 60s, we had 'Saturday Club' on the radio with British stars like Cliff Richard. Marty Wilde, Johnny Kidd and American acts. These were great days! I started singing in 1962, the year that I first saw. and met Screaming Lord Sutch. On piano that night in '62 was Freddie Fingers Lee and also backing Lord Sutch as part of the Savages was guitar-player Ritchie Blackmore. The following year, I saw Ritchie again, this time backing my idol Gene Vincent who I had been crazy on since the 50s. I met Gene after the show, and also Jerry Lee Lewis who was also on the show!

From '62 until '67, I started to sing with various bands such as the Backbeats from Penarth, who in the years to come, should become members of Shakin' Stevens band The Sunsets. In 1968 I formed a band (The Rebels) with Shaky and in the middle of the show I got on the stage, singing Gene Vincent and Little Richard songs. After a while we changed the band name to Shakin' Stevens and The Sunsets. Towards the end of 1969, Me and the drummer left the band to form the Rock 'n' Roll Express. In the 70s when Shaky started getting gigs in London, they gave their local gigs to me, and their manager Paul Barrett booked me as a sup[port band on some of their university gigs. Later in the 70s I went to see them and call me on stage, to sing Be-Bop-A-Lula Great days! Up until the 80s I was backing Lord Sutch and doing my tribute to Gene Vincent, In 1985 I went into the recording studio and recorded 'Gene Vincent Can't Be Dead' which was later released by Rockhouse Records. Also that year I was booked to play the part of Gene Vincent in a 25th anniversary tribute show to Eddie Cochran. I also played shows in Germany that year, on the bill with Lord Sutch and The Sunsets, we had a great time. I use various bands to back me today to sing great rock 'n' roll songs. The music I have loved since the 50s!

- Mal Clint -

Cat Man (Intro) / Shaky / Say Mama / Jerry Lee / Be-Bop-A-Lula / Blue Jean Bop / Rocky Road Blue / Black Leather Rebel / Flying Saucers Came Our Way / Be-Bop-A-Lula Is Back On The Scene / Gene Vincent Can't Be Dead / She, She Little Sheila / Dance To The Bop / Hank Williams / Cadillac Man / Bird Doggin' / The Scream / Hey Mr. D.J.

Tracks recorded at Studio Soundspace 1989, 1993, 1998 and at Tally-Ho Records 1994. Various tracks backed by The Rimshots, The Sunsets and Mr. Ray Thompson. Digitally remastered by Tally-Ho Records, Germany.

Mal 'Catman' Clint & The Heartbeats, 2nd Czech Rumble - July 29, 2005

Mal 'Catman' Clint & The BlackCat, Czech Rumble Afterparty - July 31, 2005

Contact information:
Malcolm Clint
3, West Terrace
Penarth CF64 2TX
South Wales (U.K.)
Phone: +44 (0)1222-712540

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Courtesy of Mal Clint, 2003/2005